Top 10 Best Air Cooler in India 2017 – Latest Reviews

Top 10 Best Air Cooler in India 2017 – Latest Reviews

Summer is here and everyone is trying to save themselves from the summer heat. Apart from basic things (like drinking more water, eating fruits) we need good home appliance which give us cool air to get good sleep. Even if you come from outside, you need instant cool air, and ceiling fan is not enough. And specially, if you are living in apartment, where it gets more heat wave on the upper floors. Air condition is good but not good for many families to afford that much money. In that case, you can buy good air cooler which comes under ten thousand budget and also gives good relief from summer heat wave. Do check and compare the price, features and specification of best air coolers in India.

Compare – Top 10 Best Air Cooler in India 2017

Do check out the high rating air coolers of India, which has low price, from good brand, warranty, speed and positive user ratings.

NameWater Tank CapacityWarrantyLatest Price In India
Symphony Diet 50i50 Liter1 year
Bajaj Torque PX9736 Liter1 year
Kenstar Cyclone-1250 Liter1 year
Cello Marvel 60-Litre60 Liter1 year
Usha Air King RC CD703M70 Liter1 year
Symphony Diet 22i22 Liter1 year
Symphony Hicool i31 Liter1 year
Crompton Mystique Dlx TAC34134 Liter1 year
Kenstar Double Cool Dx50 Liter1 year
Symphony Diet 12T12 Liter1 year

As you can see, we have listed top air coolers from popular brands, which are being recommended by Indian users. In 2017, many good brand has introduced their air coolers but there are only few brands which are being liked by Indian users.

Which brand’s air cooler is best?

There are many brands which gives good air cooler. But our aim is to get best product in low price. You can find many good air cooler in high price, but under 10000 price, there are very few cooler which gives cheap cool air. Brands like Symphony, Bajaj, usha, kenstar, Samsung are the top brands which are popular in India. There are different types of air cooler like desert air coolers and personal air coolers are popular in India.

How to select the best air coolers in India?

When your best ceiling fan give up and fail to beat summer heat, it is the time you need to look for alternate option. If you are living in north India, even air cooler is not enough to live with, you need best split ac only, as north India has temperature above 45 in April-may month. But if you are living in Chennai, Bangalore or even in Mumbai, where temperature never goes too high, air cooler can server purpose. There are many options available in air coolers category, but here is our exclusive buying guide which will help you to shortlist the best and popular air cooler of India.

Air flow: – Air flow is calculated in CFM (cubic feet per minute), which means in per minute time, how much feet of area will be covered by your air cooler. We recommended you to buy the air cooler which has high CFM rate, so you don’t need to turn on ceiling fan with air cooler. The higher cfm rate, quickly your room gets air cooled.

Water tank capacity of cooler: – As you know many desert air cooler has water tank, and using that water, air cooler produce cool air and throw it to you with help of fan. There are many coolers available in India which has different water tank capacity. From 20 to 50 liters of capacity of water tank air coolers are available in India. If you are going for long sound sleep, you need to have big water tank capacity cooler which doesn’t get dry before you wake up.

Cooling pad: – Cooling pads are the real thing which helps to produce cool air for cooler. We highly recommended you to go with thick and advance cooling pad which doesn’t get dry easily, which are long lasting and has better layers. There are aspen and cellulose material of cooling pads available in market, both are good. Go with the one which fits in your budget.

Warranty: – As you are buying an electrical appliance, it is much necessary to have warranty period. As you know, electric items needs maintenance, servicing etc, and for that it’s good to have long warranty coverage so you can claim repair or replacement within warranty period.

Price: – In India, you can find air coolers from 4000 to 20000. But a good air cooler can be available under Rs.10000 of price. We have listed all the price range air coolers, do check out and buy the best one.

These are the points which you need to check while buying new air cooler, now check the reviews of the top air coolers with pros/cons.

Top 5 Best Air Cooler in India Review 2017

We have shortlisted some of the best air coolers which has low price, good features, low power consumption and high user rating.

#1 Symphony Diet 50i 50-Litre Air Cooler with Remote

Symphony Diet 50iSymphony is no.1 air cooler seller in India, they are very popular and that is because they are having quality product and low priced as well. Symphony Diet 50i is big air cooler, has latest technology used and comes with a remote control for accessing it from distance.

It has dura-pump technology used, gives empty tank alarm, and above all symphony has used high efficient honeycomb pads used for the cooling. It has 50 liters of water tank, has 1000 CFM Rate, covers 57/2000 cooling area. The remote has 7 hr timer, and powerful air throw facility with air swing.

It has mosquito net which protects the water getting dirty, dust filter to remove dust from the air, and system restore function. It consumes very less power; it requires only 110-230 volts of power and 170 watts of power. It has quite unique design, consumes very less space and priced under Rs.9999/-. Symphony gives 1 year of warranty on this air cooler.


  • Covers almost 200-300 sq ft area.
  • Dura pump technology.
  • 1000 CFM Rate.
  • Multi function remote control.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Users are not happy with customer service.

#2 Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre Room Cooler

Bajaj Torque PX97If you have low area to cover and low budget or looking for personal air cooler, here is Bajaj’s torque PX97 which has price under Rs.6999 and have more CFM rate. Though, on the water tank capacity and other advance features, you might need to compromise bit.

It has 36 liters of water tank, covers around 150 sq ft of area. It has good powerful air throw, covers around 30 ft but it is only ideal for personal air cooling. Checking the temperature, it hardly enough for small range.

Bajaj has used chill trap technology, four way deflections and above all, this air cooler is inverter compatible. You can use it with inverter. It has 1800 CFM rate, shows how powerful it is. Bajaj too gives 1 year of warranty on this air cooler.


  • High CFM rate.
  • Low price, affordable.
  • Chill trap technology.


  • Covers very small area, 150 sq ft.
  • Air flow too covers only 30 ft.
  • Small water tank.

#3 Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler

Kenstar Cyclone-12Kenstar is known for giving best split ac but in air cooler category, they come up with new series of coolers which are amazingly cool and have advance features.  This kenstar cyclone -12 has better air flow, CFM rate and low price as well.

This cooler can throw air up to 45 ft and can cover up to 75 sq meters. It has 4 way deflection and 3 speed (which can be increased via moving the knob easily). it has motorized vertical movement which help it to throw air more forcefully.

50 liters of water tank stores enough water for long time sleep. It consumes very less electricity, quite economical, has faster air throw rate and easy to install product. Kenstar cyclone uses 190 watts of power, 150-240 volts of power voltage. Kenstar has used wood wool evaporative cooling pads which gives faster cooling air. Kenstar also gives 1 year of warranty on this cooler.


  • 50 ltr of big water tank.
  • 4 way deflection of air, 3 speed control.
  • Higher CFM Rate.
  • Economical power consumption.


  • Covers only 75 sq meters.
  • 45 ft only air throw capacity.

#4 Cello Marvel 60-Litre Air Cooler

Cello Marvel 60Cello brand is quite known in dinner set and other kitchen appliance, but their new air cooler, Marvel 60 is very good and has many advance feature and cooling pads as well. It is powerful and big cooler with big water tank and high CFM rate.

It has 60 liter of water tank, and to throw big air, it uses 18 inch fan blade. It can throw air up to 35 ft and has 4100 of cfm rate. Cello has used honeycomb cooling pads, which enables cool air for long time.

Cello has given 4 ways deflection to reach every corner of the room gets cool air. You can increase the air flow with 3 fan speed, and body is covered by engineering plastic. It is quite economical cooler, with 185 watts of power consumption.  Cello also gives 1 year of warranty with this cooler.


  • 4100 CFM Rate
  • Can throw air up to 35 ft.
  • 60 liter of big water tank.
  • 18 inch fan blades.


  • Bit costly.
  • No remote.

#5 Usha Air King RC CD703M 70-Litre Desert Cooler

Usha Air King RC CD703MIf you want big and powerful air cooler which covers more area and comes with big water tank (for long duration usage), try this Usha Air King RC CD703M air cooler. Usha was known brand in ceiling fan and for Sewing Machine but now they also issuing new air coolers.

It has 4 way air deflection systems, covers more area and use less power. You get better cooling pads of honeycomb, which helps to throw cool air for long time. This cooler has 70 liter of water tank capacity, and has 3 speed options for low/medium and high air flow.

We didn’t get any information regarding its CFM Rate and how much area it covers but it has big blades, defiantly good enough to cover 200 sq ft room. It has vertical motorised louvers and can also work with inverter. You get 1 year of warranty with this air cooler.


  • 70 liter big water tank
  • Big blades which throw good air flow.
  • 3 speed levels.


  • Dull design.
  • No information about CFM Rate by Usha.


After looking at all the options, we come to the conclusion that symphony Diet 50i has low price and high features. It uses latest technology to throw air, 50 liter of water tank and remote control as well. It has good CFM Rate, timer facility (which is missing from all other air coolers).

But if you think that CFM Rate is your priority, you can go with cello air coolers, it has highest CFM Rate and same price.

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