Best Dinner Sets in India Online 2017 – Review and Comparison

Best Dinner Sets in India Online 2017 – Review and Comparison

Looking for Dinner set for your home? If you have good dining table and interior of the home but don’t have good dinner set, the dining table is not fully good and prepared for guest. And there for we suggest you to go buy a good dinner set and decor your dining table well. And also it left proper impression among your guest. Dinner set in India are not so costly, you might find best brand dinner set at just Rs.2000-2500 of price range. There are many variety of dinner set, number piece and color combination are most important point to consider while buying dinner set.

Below we have listed some of the best dinner sets from popular brand, do check out and buy it online.

Compare Top 10 Best Dinner Set in India 2017

NamePiecesNumber of PersonLatest Price In India
Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner Set30 Pieces6 People
Nayasa np3835 Printed Square Dinner Set32 Pieces5 People
LaOpala Royal Iris Dinner Set33 Pieces6 People
Signoraware Square Dinner Set36 Pieces6 People
Borosil Mimosa Opalware Glass Dinner Set25 Pieces6 People
Nayasa Square Printed Microwaveable Dinner Set32 Pieces6 People
LaOpala Divine Petals Dinner Set35 Pieces6 People
IndianArtVilla Elegant Pure Copper Dinner Set 8 Pieces1 People
Pigeon Sparkle Dinner Set51 Pieces6 People
AmazonBasics Premium Dinnerware Set16 Pieces4 People

These are the dinner sets which are recommended by many users, which are popular and comes in good price. Now check out the detail reviews of the dinner sets below;

Which brands are best to trust in dinner set?

There are many brands available in India which are quite popular and trust worthy. Brands like Yera, corelle, La Opala, Nayasa, Raro Melamine, Signoraware, cutting edge and many more. We have listed and reviewed almost all brands dinner set below, do check out and buy the best dinner set of your choice. After having kitchen appliances like air fryer, mixer grinder, food processor, dinner set can add extra value in your kitchen.

Now check out the reviews of the dinner sets. Apart from the regular toughened glass dinner set, some plastic and steel dinner sets also popular in India. As you known, in many parts of India, people prefer to dine in stainless steel material only.

Reviews of Best Dinner Set of India 2017

Here are in-depth reviews of the dinner sets which are popular, having high ratings and low priced. Do check out the reviews, price and buy it online.

#1 Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner Set, 30-Pieces

Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner SetCorelle is one of the most popular brand in dinner set and kitchen sets. They have made some of the most quality dinner set which defiantly going to suit your dining table and will surely impress your guest. It has 3 layer glass technology, which does not break easily and comes with break and chip resistance material.

It is made in USA, with super quality and manufactured with 70 % recycled glass. It is quite space saving dinner set of 30 different dishes, perfect for 6 people. It it non-porous, and microwave friendly as well. It can bear up to 350 degree of temperature.

Corelle has given 1 year of warranty on this product. The dinner set has included 6 plates, 6 small plates, 6 katori, 6 vegetable bowls, 2 serving bowls, 1 curry bowl and 1 rice platter as well.

#2 Nayasa np3835 32 Pcs Printed Square Dinner Set

Nayasa np3835 32 Pcs Printed Square Dinner SetNayasa is also good brand and quite popular in India. Nayasa is known for the quality product with low price tag. This nayasa NP3835 is 32 piece of set, which is good enough for 5 people. It has pink + white color of shades, which looks quite rich.

If you are worried for cleaning the kitchen plates, this dinner set is dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to worry much about the cleaning of the plates. Also, if you want to directly serve the food from the microwave to dining table, you can use these plates with microwave as well.

Its microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe product, defiantly long lasting. It is made of plastic, food grade plastic, totally safe to eat within. It has 5 plates, 5 small plates, 10 bowls, two big spoons, and 2 vegetable serve.

#3 LaOpala Royal Iris Dinner Set, 33-Pieces

LaOpala Royal Iris Dinner SetLaOpala royal Iris is totally a quality product and with 33 piece of set. This dinner set is good enough for 6 people.

Laopala has given it royal touch with blue and white shades. One of the unique thing about this dinner set is that its scratch free. It will be NEW for many years without any issue.

The toughned glass is break resistance and scratch resistance, you don’t need to worry about it. It is made of bone ash free, 100% pure for jain people and vegetarians. The 33 pieces are perfectly aligned with each other; you can take maximum use of it.

It has 6 full plates, 6 small plates, 6 bowl, 6 soup bowl, 6 piece of spoon, 1 rice platter, and 2 serving bowls.

#4 Signoraware Square Dinner Set, 36-Pieces

Signoraware Square Dinner SetA simple yet quite attractive designed dinner set with square shape. The signoraware is having good popularity in online market. This 36 pieces dinner set is good for 6 people. At one time 6 people can use this dinner set.

If you are planning for guest only set, this is good dinner set with unbreakable plates, microwave safe and comes with 100% food grade material. It has white and maroon color combination, which looks too rich and sophisticated.

This dinner set is made of Polypropylene material, and is quite long durable. It has 6 full plates, 6 half plates, 12 small bowls, 2 double wall Casserole, 1 serving spoon, 2 ladle big, 1 piece of rice plate, 2 piece papad plate, 1 oval. This dinner set is also available in 46 piece set as well.

#5 Larah By Borosil Mimosa Opalware Glass Dinner Set, 25-Pieces

Borosil Mimosa Opalware Glass Dinner SetAnother dinner set for 6 people from Borosil, which is of opalware glass material. Borosil is having some home popularity in India. This dinner set is available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25, 27 pieces, you can choose according to your need.

It’s quite light weight, dishwasher safe (no more issue of cleaning), and microwave safe as well (no need to buy extra bowl for microwave).  It does not have any bone ash material used for making it. Vegetarian people can use it without any issue.

All plates are round shape, has white and blue shape design. Borosil has used strong toughened glass for long durability. This dinner set includes 6 full plates, 6 quarter plate, 6 piece bowls, 6 soup bowls, and 1 serving bowl.

#6 Nayasa Square Printed Microwaveable Dinner Set 32 Pc

Nayasa Square Printed Microwaveable Dinner SetIf you want low priced dinner set and are you ok with plastic material, check this 32 piece. This square printed dinner set is available from Nayasa. Nayasa is good brand and have good name in India under plastic products.

Nayasa has used virgin plastic, which is 100% safe for health issue. This plastic dinner set is even refrigerator safe as well. If you are thinking or looking for gift, this plastic dinner set is good option.

Nayasa has included 6 full plate, 6 square plates, 12 small bowls, 2 serving bowls, 2 lids of bowls and 2 serving spoons, 1 rice plate and 1 rice spatula. This is available in 3 attractive designs.

#7 LaOpala Divine Petals Dinner Set, 35-Pieces

LaOpala Divine Petals Dinner SetLaOpala is new dinner set which has 35 pieces. This dinner set has capacity of 6 people serving. It is scratch resistance; you don’t need to worry about getting old with scratch. LaOpala has used some extra strong toughened glass.

Its break resistance, it don’t get break easily. Also, its bone ash free dinner set, totally pure and perfect for veggies to use it. LaOpala has used multi color effect with this dinner set, which looks good.

This dinner set comes with 6 full plate, 6 quarter plate, 6 veg bowl, 6 soup bowl, 6 spoon, 1 rice plate, 2 serving bowl, 2 salt and peeper bowl. Though, LaOpala has not given any warranty on this product.

#8 IndianArtVilla Elegant Pure Copper Traditional Kitchen Thali/Dinner Set

IndianArtVilla Elegant dinner setDo you like to have dinner/lunch in copper plates? This 8 pieces dinner set is for one person. If you want to user copper thali only, you can buy this or gift someone. In traditional times, Indian people only use to have dinner in copper plates.

It is quite authentic Indian dining style, which has many health benefits as well. This is from HOLOGRAM, Indian art villa. It is quite fashionable and functional dinner set. Since it uses copper material, it might little costly.

This 8 piece dinner set has 1 rice plate, 1 glass, 1 fork, 3 bowls, 1 spoon and 1 13 inch big plate. Total weight of this dinner set is 1100gram (copper).

#9 Pigeon Sparkle Dinner Set, 51-Pieces

Pigeon Sparkle Dinner SetFor stainless steel lovers, this 51 piece of set from pigeon will surely impress you. This strong, sturdy and shiny dinner set is good small gathering and for private parties. Its quite easy to wash and rust proof as well as hygienic dinner set.

Total 6 people can be served with this dinner set and its quite long lasting as well. If you have many steel plates in kitchen, this might increase the capacity of kitchen dinner set.

Pigeon has given 6 plates, 6 small plates, 6 halwa plates, 6 katori, 6 glass, 12 spoons, 1 jug, 1 rive oval, 3 spoon, 3 dishes, 1 rice tray in this 51 piece of dinner set. Pigeon has given 1 year of warranty on this dinner set.

#10 AmazonBasics 16-Piece Premium Dinnerware Set

AmazonBasicsAs the name suggest, this one from amazonBasics is quite basic type of dinner set which is good only for gifting. It is made of high heat porcelain, which makes it long durable.

This dinner set is having soft white color (no other shade) and comes in square design. You are free to use it with microwave, dishwasher, and in oven as well. Its totally safe to use it. In off white color, with square shape, it looks too simple.

It is made of Porcelain material. It comes with 4 plates, 4 dessert plates, 4 bowls, and 4 mugs. You can call it mini dinner set. AmazonBasics has given 1 year of warranty as well.

Conclusion: – Dinner set is nowadays an essential thing for middle class families even as we are get to host many guests. Having dinner set not only makes your dining good and leaves great impression, but also make sure that no guest left without dishes.

After much research and checking with user ratings and feedback, our editor has decided to go with Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner Set as it has 30 piece of strong, long lasting and quality product dinner set, which can serve up to 6 people in one go. You can also check other options as well which might fix in your budget and feature demand as well.

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