Top 5 Best Dishwasher in India 2017 – Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Dishwasher in India 2017 – Comparison Table

We all like to have different dish and at different times as well. Earlier, we used to eat 3 times only, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But now things are changed, we eat anytime, and nothing wrong about it. The only thing is that we need to wash dishes every time to eat again. And washing dishes manually with hands is too time consuming and hard work as well.

But not to worry about, here is list of best dishwasher which helps the housewives and individual to get clean dish in few seconds. No need to manually clean dishes and to do messy hard works again and again. Just use dishwasher, and get it new clean dish in minutes.

Top 5 Best Dishwashers in India 2017

No doubt, dishwasher is new concept in India, we aren’t friendly with this appliance but it’s a new thing, which is quite advance, help us in day to day dish cleaning work, we must try machine. Only issue with dishwasher is that its bit costly but if you have commercial user or big family, you must get it buy, it really helpful appliance.

Below is comparison table, do compare dishwashers with each other for features;

Compare Top 5 Popular Dishwashers of India

IFB Neptune VX Bosch SMS60L12IN Siemens SN26L800IN LG D1451WF Deluxe Modern Dishwasher
12 Place Settings 12 Place Settings 12 Place Settings 14 Place Settings 28 Dishes
2 wash Arms 6 wash program 6 wash program 5 wash program -----
240 volts 240 volts 240 volts ----- -----
2 years Warranty 10 year Warranty 10 year Warranty 2 year Warranty (10 years on inverter) Not mentioned

Reviews Top 5 High Rated Dishwashers of India

Did it help you to choose good dishwasher for you? If not, don’t worry here we have review of all top 5 dishwasher for you, check out below mentioned review, pros/cons and much more.

#1 IFB Dishwasher – IFB Neptune VX

IFB Neptune VXOne of the most popular dishwashers in India, IFB is quite popular brand in India and abroad which provides amazing dishwasher appliance. It’s quite advance and most trusted dishwasher in India, you must take a look.

It has 2 wash arms and 12 place setting capacity. It consumes 1.26 Kwh energy consumption and 22.7 Liter water consumption to wash one time dishes. It uses 2.2 watts and 240 operating voltages.

It has Water softening device as well, you don’t need to pour soft water, Steam drying option, Adjustable racks for different size of dishes, and half-load mode which allows users to use upper half or lower half at a time, which results in energy as well as water efficiency.

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  • Energy efficient
  • Waster softening device
  • Flexible half-load mode
  • Steam drying option
  • Less Noisy
  • 2 years warranty


  • Detergent recommended by IFB is only available at their franchise store only. Not easily available in general stores.

#2 Bosch Dishwasher – Bosch SMS60L12IN

Bosch SMS60L12INAnother good and high rated dishwasher from Bosch, Bosch is known brand when it comes to kitchen appliance and home appliance. it is most advanced dishwasher and has more features than any other dishwasher in India.

It has 12 place settings, 6 wash programs, different types of racks, removable top, Child Safety Devices and uses 240 volts of operating energy. It one day on average it uses 9.5 liters of water only.

Its makes very less noise, as it uses ecosilence Drive and gives Hygienic Wash everytime. You can set 60 minutes of wash time, for easy cleaning. It has 3 special options as well, half load, extraDry, and varioEco mode of cleaning, which helps you to clean it easily.

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Pros :-

  • 3 special wash option
  • 6 wash program
  • Child lock
  • Attractive design
  • Less noisy
  • 10 years of warranty

Cons :-

  • Spares parts not available easily in India
  • Only 12 place settings

#3 Siemens Dishwasher – Siemens SN26L800IN

Siemens SN26L800INSiemens is much popular in aboard than india for dishwasher. Siemens SN26L800IN is good designed, attractive and advance dishwasher with all ultra-modern features. It comes with Aquastop water protection system, which saves more water per day and uses less water.

It has 2400 watts of powerful motor which gives jet wash to dishes in short time and uses 240 volts of operating voltage. It has time indicator which gives you time to time indication about cleaning of dishes, and uses Aquasensor and loadsensor as well.

It has 6 wash programs, 3 stage rackmatic, 4 different wash temperature, and 12 place settings, which is quite enough to wash your family’s dishes of one time. Siemens dishwasher has LED salt refill indicator as well, which indicates you about salt/detergent level.

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Pros: –

  • 10 years warranty
  • Aquasensor and loadsensor
  • LED salt indicator
  • 6 wash program


  • No half loading option
  • Bit noisy.

#4 LG Dishwasher – LG D1451WF

LG D1451WFThe most advance and popular dishwasher is LG D1451WF. It has 14 place settings (which is much needed if you are using it for commercial purpose). LG has used smart rack system in LG D1451WF which allows loading / unloading of dishes, bowl, and plates easily.

The LED display on the top of the dishwasher is quite useful, which shows exact information about dishwasher operation. Under the dishwasher, it uses stainless steel tub, which is long durable, much better option than plastic tub.

Child lock, height adjustable rack, and many more features are also available. You get 2 years of full product warranty while for inverter its 10 years warranty. Its eco friendly product uses less water and energy.

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Pros :-

  • Inverter Direct Drive
  • Smart Rack System
  • Less noisy
  • Child lock
  • 5 wash program
  • 14 place settings


  • Some customers are not happy with customer service
  • No half load option

#5 Deluxe Modern Dishwasher With Lights N Sounds

Deluxe Modern DishwasherIf you are looking for cheap option, you must try this deluxe dishwasher which comes under Rs.9999 only. It has 28 dish wash capacity, which is enough for small house. If you are looking for home use, its perfect dishwasher.

You can wash cups, trays, knives, spoon, and all other kitchen usages which you need to make food. It is amazing and most user friendly dishwasher. It has on/off button on the top, progress bar on the top (which helps you to check washing process). But it has transparent door, which allows you to check washing process from front.

It comes with lights and sounds facility which used in indication and for night usage. It also makes it cool, while all other dishwashers are super boring (which does not use lights or sounds).

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Pros: –

  • Cheapest dishwasher
  • 28 dishes capacity
  • Lights and sounds support


  • Not so long durable
  • Makes noise

Final Words: – these are the top 5 best dishwashers from India which you can buy. We have mentioned specification, features and all other information about the available dishwashers. Bosch, IFB, Siemens and LG are quite popular brands in India which provides dishwasher product.

Our editor has chosen IFB Neptune VX as best dishwasher, which fits in all features, specification, energy efficiency and uses less water. While it has got dissent warranty which makes you maintenance tension free as well.

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