Best Electric Kettle India 2017 – Top 5 Best Electric Kettle Review

Best Electric Kettle India 2017 – Top 5 Best Electric Kettle Review

So, you are looking for Best Electric Kettle on internet. Am I right? What else you are doing along it. Let me guess, you are having your tea or coffee. Right? Most people loves to have a coffee while surfing internet. You cannot deny that your internet runs on data and we people works on coffee and tea of course!

And for sure, if you are a coffee or a tea lover, then you must be heard about electric kettle also, or if not electric kettle, than about electric tea maker or tea kettle. Yes, you thought it right.

Top 5 Best Electric Kettle – Coffee Maker

These are the top 5 best electric kettle, do check out their comparison, which one is best among five and their detail product review below;

Philips HD9306Philips HD9306 Bajaj MajestyBajaj Majesty Prestige PKCSSPrestige PKCSS Hamilton BeachHamilton Beach 45351 Aroma AWK-115SAroma AWK-115S
4/5 Rating 3.5/5 Rating 4/5 Rating 2/5 Rating 4/5 Rating
2 years of Warranty 2 years of Warranty 1 year of Warranty 2 years of Warranty 1 year of Warranty
Stainless steel Body Stainless steel Body Stainless steel Body Stainless steel Body Stainless steel Body
1800 watts 2000 watts 1200 watts ---- -----
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Electric kettle is our very favorite electronic device pot, which is mainly made up of metal and is use to boil the liquid in it using electricity. It also helps to keep the liquid hot for a long time.

So, if you are thinking about buying an electric kettle and is confuse, about which company electric tea maker to go for, than here we are presenting you top 5 best electric kettle details. These details will surely help you out to solve your confusions.

Top 5 Best Electric Kettle 2017 – Electric Kettle Review

Here we go:

1. Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

Philips HD9306 is one of the smartest choice you can made. The tea maker is handy with a stainless steel finishing and portable to carry out due to the light weight. With a hinged locking lid, the electric tea maker will also help to reduce the consumption of energy while it is on work.

Philips HD9306 has a transparent marked measures on each side, which helps you to check the level of liquid without opening the cap. This safe device helps you to boil the liquid at any temperature you want. It offers you a range of temperature also automatically.

The model is designed keeping in mind the mixture of ease, accuracy and speed. Another feature of Phillips electric kettle is its 360 degree base. The kettle is from one of the most trusted company Phillips.


2. Bajaj Majesty KTX-15 1.7 Litre Kettle

The Bajaj electric kettle has a very stylish design and thus, helps to give your kitchen a modern look. The electric kettle is very handy and compact in size. Bajaj Majesty KTX has an automatically stop feature which helps to stop boiling the liquid once it crosses the mentioned temperature.

The electric tea kettle is so much portable that it can be easily placed anywhere and is a very good choice for frequent travelers. Being made up of concealed heating elements and stainless steel, the kettle boils the liquid in minutes of time.

The cordless functionality electric kettle is available in the market onsite and online everywhere with a good range of price offers. This is the best choice for tea lovers.

3. Prestige PKCSS 1.0 1200-Watt Electric Kettle

With many attractive features such as single touch lid locking, automatic shut off and easy to handle with a well design handle, Prestige PKCSS tea kettle is the most used kettle in the market. Prestige PKCSS has various models of different unique and modern designs and capacity.

Having 360 degree swivel power base and operated in the corded mode, this one is the must have accessory for the modern kitchen systems.

Other features include detachable power base, power capacity being 1500 watts and innovative temperature control system.

4. Hamilton Beach 45351-Electric Kettle

The Hamilton beach kettle had took off its own place between many popular kettle and gain its own importance in the market. This trendy and stylish cordless kettle has a heat free handle. The lid of the tea kettle is made up of plastic and heating element is concealed.

This kettle shoots the boiling temperature is less than 5 minutes. You can carry it freely according to your convenience at any time and any where, and also you can rotate its base at 360 degree.

Another important feature of this kettle is that it has a red light indicator ( a very small but highly useful point) which tells the user that whether the kettle is in use or not. This feature made it very different from another kettles and has helped the kettle to gain importance in terms of safety as well.

5. Aroma H20 X-Press KETTLE

Aroma H20 Kettle performs brilliantly in every aspect of being the best kettle. It can accommodate 1.5 liters of liquid in it. It is very light weight kettle. Being very easy to use, it can be carried any where, without much hectic.

One of the best feature of this kettle is that it has a transparent display to check the water level. Handle is very large and thus comfortable. It reduces over boiling.

One of the another important feature of this tea kettle is that it has a overfill protection feature which allows draining of liquid when the kettle overfilled.

The device is really popular and is able to give a modern look to your kitchen.

So, this is a list of top 5 electric kettles and their features. You can buy any one of them, as per our research, these are among the best electric kettle available.

How to choose Best Electric Kettle?

While buying any electric kettle, you just have to keep some key features of a good electric kettle, in mind such as speed of boiling the stuff, energy efficiency such as how much energy the kettle is consuming while boing the liquid, comfort ability to hold the kettle and carry it here and there.

Also certain other features such as price, guarantee of the product by the company, automatic shut off of the kettle once the boiling point reached, and other safety issues. It would also be so cool, if you try to catch a tea kettle which looks modern and trendy as well, as this will helps to give your kitchen a cool look.

So, far we have tried our best to give you information about the best electric kettle available in the market, through our research. Hope this will help you out. Have a great time ahead.

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