Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2017 – Review & Compare

Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2017 – Review & Compare

Cooking job is not easy in India, you have to do frying oil and to for Tadka, you need to use Masala’s which create lots of grime over your kitchen interior. But for that we can’t change the cooking style, we must get a permanent solution which sucks the grime of cooking and keep our ceiling and kitchen ties clean. Using Kitchen Chimney, one can create clean environment in kitchen. As Chimney sucks all the grim, and that can also saves kitchen ceiling from dirt and black grime.

Below we have listed Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney of India which is used widely in Indian kitchens. Do compare them with each other on below table;

Top 10 Popular Kitchen Chimney in India 2017

RankNameSuction PowerWarrantyLatest Price In India
#001Hindware Cleo 60 Auto Clean Chimney1200 m3/hr1 year
#002FABER ECO 800 LTW BK800 m3/hr5 years (life time)
#003Elica Kitchen hood TCG BF 60 NERO1100 m3/hr1 year
#004Sunflame Venza 60 BK1100 m3/hr1 year/5 year on motor
#005HINDWARE CLEO 90 Chimney1200 m3/hr1 year
#006Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero1100 m3/hr1 year
#007PRESTIGE AKH 900 CB CHIMNEY900 m3/hrLife time
#008Glen 6075 Kitchen Chimney750 m3/hrLife time
#009Pigeon Tranquil Kitchen Chimney 60 CM750 m3/hr7 years
#010Surya Td 1400M3 Electric Chimney1400 m3/hr1 year

Using this kitchen hood, you can save yourself from odor, getting watery eyes due to tadka or masala’s usage. And above all, getting your kitchen grime. As kitchen chimney’s are designed such that it sucks air of inside kitchen, and placed just above the gas stove. Using the high power blower and filter (which removes fumes), it ventilates your kitchen with odor and provides fresh air. Buy Kitchen Chimney online and make your kitchen with more stylish appliance.

There are many kitchen hood/chimney available in India, but the biggest question is how to select best one? Don’t worry, below we have created guide which help you to select best product.

How to select Best kitchen Chimney?

We have shortlisted some of the points which you need to consider while buying chimney. Do check these points, and get the best product.

Suction Power of Chimney: – Sucking grime and dirt air is primary job of the chimney. And the reason, always look for the chimney which suck more air in short time. The ideal chimney will have 800-1000 m3/hr suction power.

Blower: – You can also call it motor, which blown away grime air out of your kitchen. We recommended to go with aluminum blower (non-stick) which should be sealed.

Filters: – One of the most important part of any chimney. Filter differentiate between heat and grim. If your chimney filter is not powerful, it can reduce suction power of the chimney and also create health issue for you.

Size of chimney: – The size of the chimney should be equal to your gas stove. Common size of the chimney is 60-90cm which is available online.

Warranty: – if you check the list, a best chimney can cost you around Rs.10,000/-, so if you are buying such costly kitchen appliance, make sure you get good warranty. So, you can get free maintenance, service change of filter and periodic time.

These are the points you need to look after while buying good chimney online. Hope our guide will help you to choose and buy chimney. Apart from this, if budget is not the issue, you can also look for advance features like auto clean chimney (which automatically clean the interior of chimney). You can also look for soundproof, convertible kits, auto heat sensor and alarm in chimney. Do check out the reviews of top 5 kitchen chimney of India below.

Review of Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2017

We have selected high rating chimneys from top brands like FABER, Hindware, Elica, Bright Flame, Sunflame etc. Do check out their features, size, price and much more.

#1 Hindware CLEO 60 Auto Clean Chimney – Editor’s Choice

Hindware is quite popular brand in India which has many quality product. It has better filters, color, styling and everything you need to have in best chimney. It has more power motor/blower, touch controls and big size as well. If you are looking for 60 cm width size chimney, this is best option.

This hindware product sucks 1200 m3/hr. Which is great suction power, even if you are going cook for hours, it will ensure clean air throughout the time. It is auto clean chimney, no need to clean internals of the product; you can have peace of mind for cleaning process.

It has 3 speed touch controls, which provides easy access to the chimney. No hard touch, just a gentle press and you are done. It has 180w power of blower which have low noise (of 58 dba). This chimney available in brush silver inox color. Uses Baffle filter for better air cleaning.

Warranty: – 1 year

Suction power: – 1200 m3/hr

Motor/blower: – 180W

Size:-60 cm

Filter type: – Baffle.

#2 FABER ECO 800 LTW BK – Most Trusted Brand

FABER ECO 800 LTW BKFABER is number one brand in chimney production, in USA and other countries. But in India, it not that popular but is now getting popular. More and more people are buying FABER as it produce quality product, which does not match with local brands. FABER ECO 800 LTW BK is too unique type of kitchen hood, which provide grime free air.

It has suction power of 800 m3/hr which is lower than our number in the list but has low price as well. Faber has used stainless steel body in this chimney, and has same size of 60 CM. It designed well, which surely going to change kitchen interior and give you rich look. In Black color, it look so decent, make you think how such awesome product fall in such low price.

It uses baffle filters with charcoal filter (With additional cost). Also, this is not auto clean chimney; cleaning internals of this chimney will be bit headache work. It has bit more noise level of 62 db, but quite bearable. Faber gives lifetime warranty with additional cost, which is quite recommended.

Warranty: – 5 years (life time)

Suction power: – 800 m3/hr

Motor/blower: – 230 V

Size:-60 cm

Filter type: – Baffle.

#3 Elica Kitchen hood TCG BF 60 NERO – Elegant Design Chimeny

Elica Kitchen hood TCG BF 60If brand is not the priority and good product is, you can go for Elica TCG BF which also comes under Rs.1000 budget with powerful functioning. In the same price of FABER ECO 800, it provides more suction power, great design and high functioning as well.

In india, Elica is quite popular brand after hindware. Elica TCG BF has 1100 m3/hr of suction power, which is quite good for big kitchen and more hours of operation. The 60 CM of size is good enough for any gas stove. Elica has given push button controls which are quite easy to operate.

Elica has used baffle filters in this chimney, which are quite high quality and almost all chimney producer uses this filter. It has quite low noise level, nice design and low price, which is quite good. It has touch controls, LED light and 1 year warranty as well.

Warranty: – 1 year

Suction power: – 1100 m3/hr

Motor/blower: – 230 V

Size:-60 cm

Filter type: – Baffle.

#4 Sunflame Venza 60 BK – Long Durable Chimney

Sunflame Venza 60 BKSunflame Venza 60BK is our choice of chimney in best of 5 list which has low price, great power and attractive design. Sunflame is popular brand in kitchen appliance (in India) for having low price tag products with great features. This is another great product from sunflame which you can trust.

It has 1100m3/hr of suction power, which is almost same as our first preference in this list. In black color, and with amazing corner side buttons, sunflame venza looks different and attractive. It surely going to enhance your kitchen interior. This product is made of stainless steel, which is strong and long durable as well.

Sunflame has given 2 halogen lamps which give perfect lights on the gas stove. It uses baffle filter which gives better air purification and works for long time. Sunflame has provided 1 year warranty on the product while 5 years on the motor. It has 60 CM of standard size which fits with most of the stove size. But again, its not auto clean chimney, cleaning is headache.

Warranty: – 1 year on product, 5 year on motor.

Suction power: – 1100 m3/hr

Motor/blower: – —

Size:- 60 cm

Filter type: – Baffle.

#5 HINDWARE CLEO 90 Chimney – 90 CM Size Chimney

HINDWARE CLEO 90 ChimneyIf you have bigger space and bigger chimney, you must be looking for bigger chimney size. In that case, hindware CLEO 90 can help you out. It has bigger size, more suction power, elegant design and low price. We have mentioned its features below, do check out.

Hindware CLEO 90 has 90CM of big size. So, if you have bigger gas stove size, or more appliances to have under chimney, you can adjust it with this product. It has capacity of 1200 m3/hr of suction power, which is great. You get 3 speed controls on the top which are accessed with just touch.

Hindware has used baffle filter in this chimney, and has 50 Ghz of control. The motor is super powerful, of 180 watts. You can instant freedom from grim guaranteed. The noise level is also too low, just of 58 dba. And Hindware gives 1 year of warranty, totally peace of mind, maintenance free usage.

Warranty: – 1 year on product

Suction power: – 1200 m3/hr

Motor/blower: – 180W

Size:- 90 cm

Filter type: – Baffle.

Conclusion: – Well, chimney is nowadays must have appliance. In India, where dust is already big issue, you cannot allow yourself to go with deadly grime. And the reason, kitchen chimney is must have product. After much research, our editor has suggested to go with Hindware CLEO 60 which has more suction power, 60 CM of size, and powerful blower/motor. If size is the issue, you can also go with Hindware CLEO 90.

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