Best Vacuum Cleaners Review 2017 – Top Vacuum Cleaners in India

Best Vacuum Cleaners Review 2017 – Top Vacuum Cleaners in India

Cleaning outside and inside your home is not easy task. But with help of Best Vacuum Cleaners, you can clean every corner of your home, rooms, stairs, sofa, dining table and everything within minutes. In fact, this is the best way to contribute in swachch bharat abhiyan. If you can search around, you can find many brands vacuum cleaners, but here we are helping you to choose the best one. For the first time buyer, this will help you a lot, as we are also providing user reviews too.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2017

Well, out of 100s of vacuum cleaners, here we have shorted out top 5 vacuum cleaners. These are vacuum cleaners are efficient to clean 2BHK to 5 BHK homes. You can use these vacuum cleaners in commercial properties like hospitals, hostels, hotels, shops, restaurants and many other places too. Hope our reviews will help you to choose the best among top 5. Now, take a look at quick review and comparison of these top 5 vacuum cleaners.

Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Black & Decker VH780 Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Bosch Skil 8715 15-Litre
1000 Watts 1000 watts 780 Watts 1300W 1500 watts
Paper Filter Paper Filter Sponge & Micro Fibre cloth Paper Filter Fabric Filter
2.5kgs 2.5kgs 2.5kg 8.95kg 6.3kg
1 year Warranty 1 year Warranty 1 year Warranty 1 year Warranty 1 year Warranty

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners – Top Choice – Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner – Editor Choice

Eureka Forbes Trendy NanoThis vacuum cleaner is quite handy, easy to move and quite a stylish one. The material used for making this vacuum cleaner is very robust. It is quite light weight too (as many customer has assumption that vacuum cleaners are quite heavy), just a 2.5KG of weight of this product, can clean your home within minutes.

It uses 3 stage air filters to clean air and have 5 stage filtration to clean floors. You can use two brushes, small brush to clean curtains, sofa, and other furniture’s while big brush is used to clean the floors. It has heavy 1000 watts of motor which can vacuum all the dust and garbage from your home in its dust bag.

Assembling and attaching is quite easy. You can run this vacuum cleaner for not more than 25 minutes, so if you have big portion to clean, you need to choose 2nd option, but this one is ideal for the 2 -3 BHK Home. Eureka Forbes provides excellent after sales service too.

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Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DXIf your home needs a small brush, plus big brush and a flexible hose pipe which can be used at small corners of your home where your hand cannot reach, this vacuum cleaner is for you. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX has flexible hose pipe, extension tube (for long distance cleaning), carpet brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle. With these much extension you can easily clean each corner of your home.

The another unique option Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX got is it has foot operated on-off switch and chord winder switch. So, you need to bend down every time to switch on-off your vacuum cleaner, you can do it while in standing stature.

It has 1200 watts of powerful motor which is enough to clean your big house. With good brand name of eureka forbes, you can get 1 year of warranty and very good after sales service. One negative point is its bit noisy, and chord wining button should have good quality of material.

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Black & Decker VH780 780-Watt Multi-Use Vacuum and Blower

Black & Decker VH780Black and Decker is international brand and VH780 vacuum cleaner is one of the best one. If you are looking for better option with few more extension to your vacuum cleaner, you can go for Black & Decker VH780. This vacuum cleaner comes with crevice tool, fabric brush, 3 blower attachments, carpet brush, 3 piece plastic tube, and 3 suction attachments.

So, total 14 accessories with vacuum cleaner to clean your house. Its a small and handy vacuum cleaner, unlike above 2 cleaners, you need to carry this vacuum cleaner in hand and clean your house. So, its a bag less vacuum cleaner. It has clog indicators, gives you efficient performance.

It has 780 watts of motor (which is quite small compared to above two), you cannot use it more than 25 minutes, its ideal for small house and small works. If you want to use it for 4-5 rooms in one go, you better go with above two Eureka forbes vacuum cleaners.

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Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Complete Cleaning Solutions with Blower and Section

Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel CompleteOne of the best powerful vacuum cleaner yet costly. If you have daily cleaning of big house, or commercial property or anything where you need to clean things for more than 25 minutes, you can go this vacuum cleaner. Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel eureka forbes vacuum cleaner comes with 13attachement and big dust bag.

Another unique feature of this vacuum cleaner is that you can control power consumption and speed of vacuum for your cleaning needs. If your dust bag got full, it has indicator, you can use it in both way, suction and as blower too.

No doubt it has 1300 watts of powerful motor but it has bit poor quality of attachments. Many customers have complained about poor plastic quality. It is not good for small home, if you have big space to clean up, you can go for this.

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Bosch Skil 8715 15-Litre 1500-Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Skil 8715Another costly but yet powerful vacuum cleaner from Bosch. If you are looking for dust cleaner and floor cleaner for your big space, you can buy Bosch skil 8715 vacuum cleaner.  You can clean wet and dry both kind of garbage. You case use it as mop cleaning. It has 1500 watts of power motor which can work for long time (more than 25 minutes).

Attached 15 litres of dust bag which can socks and mop your entire floor in one go. This vacuum cleaner has 3 extension wands and 1.8m of hose pipe. But it comes with single brush; you cannot get different attachment/brush for different kind of cleaning.

Bosch Skil 8715 is specially made for big commercial property which uses HEPA technology, where you need to mop every day; this is not for home use. As in home cleaning, you need different brush to clean floor, to furniture and kitchen etc.

Click here to read customer’s review.

These are the list of top 5 best vacuum cleaners in india, now check out how to choose the best vacuum cleaners which can be efficient to your home’s daily cleaning work.

How to choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

In India, you must have known that there are 100s of big brands available which provides vacuum cleaners but to choose best among them is not easy task. Almost all vacuum cleaners are having many common features and attractive design. So, too choose best vacuum cleaner, you need to have little bit of knowledge about vacuum cleaners, working , features, types and much more. Here is prescribed guide to choose the good vacuum cleaner.

Chord Length: – do check out how much chord length been provided by company as you need to drag out your machine to clean different corners of your home. Better to get a long chord, so, you don’t need to drag your vacuum cleaner much. But you can get extra chord from shop,anytime.

Dust bag capacity: – if you have small house / apartment, you may not have issue with dust bag capacity, but for big house or property, it really matters. With big capacity of dust bag, you can clean entire home in one go, while for small bag, you need to empty out in multiple times.

Bagged and Bagless Vacuum cleaners :- Bagged vacuum cleaner hold and suck more dust than bagless but if you are going to have fancy and attractive design cleaner, you can go with bagless vacuum cleaners. As of now, bagless vacuum cleaners are more popular than bagged one.

Air filtration: – Some of the vacuum cleaners are using paper filter while some uses micro fabric cloth filtration. Both are good, paper filtration is most popular one.

Price :- Price of vacuum cleaners in india starts from Rs.2500 to Rs. 8000 and maximum at Rs.31,000/- of vacuum cleaners also available in market, decide your purpose and select the best feature vacuum cleaner and choose the in budget vacuum cleaner.

Hope our guide to choose best vacuum cleaner will help you to choose best vacuum cleaner for your home.

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