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Top 5 Best Steam Iron in India [2017] – Review and Comparison

Top 5 Best Steam Iron in India [2017] – Review and Comparison

Many people (including me) don’t like to wear clothes with wrinkles. Mostly who work in big companies or who used to attend events regularly, needs good and clean clothes. Though, there are many home remedies to remove wrinkles from clothes but none of them fully perfect as ironing. Ironing dry clothes is perfect. In old times, we Indians used to use dry iron but they are not outdated.

Now it’s time to use steam irons. Using best steam iron, you can remove wrinkles in minutes. The reason for adopting steam iron over traditional on is that it uses the steam while ironing which helps to remove hard wrinkles even without using water on clothes. Because steam iron has small water tank on the top of the iron which you can use to spray water on clothes or the water can be used to produce steam.

Top 5 Best Steam Iron in India [Compare]

Philips GC1905 Philips GC1010 Morphy Richards Super Glide Bajaj Majesty MX 3 Orpat OEI-607
Watts:- 1440 1200 2000 1250 1100
180 ML Water Tank 150 MlL 350ML 150 ML 230ML
2 years warranty 2 years warranty 2 years warranty 2 years warranty 1 years warranty

Above we have compared top 5 best steam irons with their competitors with their respected features. You can see Philips and Bajaj are the leading contenders in steam iron category. We have included best irons which you can buy. The brands like Bajaj, Philips, morphy rechards, and Orpat are leading brands in selling steam irons in India. We have selected the best irons on the below mentioned criteria;-

How to choose the best steam irons?

Irons can be differentiated on the basis like watts, cord length, water tank capacity, convectional controls etc. Do check out one their usage;

Watts: – Wattage of the iron defines that how quickly your iron can do its job. Mostly irons take times to get hot, that’s due to low watts. We recommended you to go with higher wattage iron (i.e Philips GC1905) which gets hot quickly.

Cord Length :- Since now we have so much space issue, we always end up with less cord due to the power plug and space where we can iron is too far. So, always go with irons which has long cord (i.e Philips GC4865/02), you can always fold cord in case if its too big.

Water Tank Capacity: – Small tanks are good too but when you have big numbers of clothes, you need to fill the water again and again. In that, case its better to go with the big or medium size water tank with iron (i.e Morphy Richards Glide).

Convectional Controls:-Only professional ironers know which temperature is used to iron different types of fabric. So, if your iron has good controls via which you can automatically set temperatures, its good. Almost all modern irons have that feature.

Warranty: – Though, steam irons don’t get much problem (if you buy a good one), but its better to go with high number of years warranty, so you can also ways get repaired your iron from official dealer.

If you check this much things while buying iron, you don’t need to face much problem. Now check for the detail reviews of the top 5 steam irons in India.

Top 5 Best Steam Iron in India Review [2017]

In this year, you can go for the best product, after reading our review; you can buy the best product here. We value for your money, do check out our reviews below;

#1 Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

Philips GC1905One of the all time best, high trusted by users, and high brand, Philips steam iron [GC1905] is highest selling steam iron in india. It has elegant design, which will defiantly attracts you, Philips has designed it perfect. It heats up quickly, easy to fill or empty water tank and has good functions as well.

Philips GC1905 has 1440 watts of power and uses aluminum soleplate which gets heats up quickly and gives you ready to use iron in minutes. While it only use 240 volts of power to iron your clothes, which gives you 17/min of continues steam.

It has many convection controls which you can use to iron different types of clothes. Philips gives you 2 years of warranty with this iron, 1.8 m of cord, 180 ML capacity of water tank. Its a cheap and quite advance steam iron, which has got 4.9 ratings on Amazon.

Watts: –  1440

Steam per min :- 17g/min

Water tank capacity: – 180 ML

Warranty: – 2 years

Check Latest Price on :- Amazon | Flipkart

#2 Philips GC1010 Comfort Steam Spray Iron

Philips GC1010Philips GC1010 is good alternative of GC1905, both have almost same design, color combination but has good price difference. If you are looking for low range, have not so frequent use, and you can adjust with low watts, GC1010 is good option for you.

Philips GC1010 has 1200 watts of power, it takes little bit more time to heat up, but if you have weekly or very less clothes to iron, its good enough for you. With 1200 watts, you gets 15g/min of steam, and its thin soleplate gets heats up quickly.

It uses 220 volts of power, and has vent design in bottom which removes wrinkles easily. It has 150 ML of water tank, which is good enough. It is high durable product which gets 2 years of warranty from Philips.

Watts: –  1200

Steam per min :- 15g/min

Water tank capacity: – 150 ML

Warranty: – 2 years

Check Latest Price on :- Amazon | Flipkart

#3 Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Super GlideIf you are looking for powerful steam iron which has super power, gets heats up quickly, you can go for morhpy Richards’s super glide which has 2000 watts of power. You can get vertically as well as horizontally spray on water, and it has self clean option as well.

You gets biggest water tank capacity iron, 350 ML of capacity, you can iron many clothes without changing or filling water. It has used premium ceramic coated soleplate, its high quality soleplate, which picks up heat quickly.

Morphy Richards has given 46 steam holes in bottom, you can get perfect steam and iron for sure. It uses 230 volts of power, and gives you 150gm/min of steam (which is best in class). The cord gets 360 degree turn easily, and long enough. Morphy Richards has given 2 years warranty as well.

Watts: – 2000

Steam per min :- 150 g/min

Water tank capacity: – 350 ML

Warranty: – 2 years

Check Latest Price on :- Amazon | Flipkart

#4 Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Bajaj Majesty MX 3 Bajaj majesty has also good steam iron which has quite affordable price. If you have very limited use, or using it for some small functional use, you can buy Bajaj Majesty MX 3. It has good power, design, features as well.

Bajaj MX 3 has 1250 watts of power and uses 230 volts of power, which can gives you 12gm/min of continues steam. You can use their variable steam control for to iron different clothes. It uses non-stick coated soleplate.

It has self clean option; you don’t need to bother much. Bajaj provides 2 years of warranty on this iron, and long enough cord as well. You can buy it in under price Rs.799 from below mentioned links online. It is one of the cheapest steam irons in india.

Watts: – 1250

Steam per min :- 12g/min

Water tank capacity: – 150 ML

Warranty: – 2 years

Check Latest Price on :- Amazon | Flipkart

#5 Orpat OEI-607 1100-Watt Steam Iron

The too basic and cheapest steam iron is here. Orpat OEI 607 has low price but comes with basic features and functions. It is almost like traditional iron with steam feature. And has low power as well. It has only 1100 watts of power, which is defiantly takes too much time to heat up.

But it also has used non-stick soleplate, which helps to get heat up quickly.  You can vertically or under usage process to fill water. It has leak proof water tank. And the water tank has indicator as well.

It uses 230 volts of power, which is good for 1100 watts of iron. Orpat has given only 1 year of warranty, which is too less, atlest 2 years of warranty should be given.

Watts: – 1100

Steam per min: – —

Water tank capacity: – 230 ML

Warranty: – 1 years

Check Latest Price on :- Amazon | Flipkart

Final World :- These are the top 5 best steam irons of India. If you are looking for good long duration, maintenance less iron, you can go with Philips GC1905 or if you don’t have any budget issue, you can go with Morphy richards Super Glide as well.

Top 5 Best Washing Machine in India of 2016 – 2017 [Latest Price]

Top 5 Best Washing Machine in India of 2016 – 2017 [Latest Price]

Are you tired of washing clothes from your hand? It’s not only time consuming, but also unhealthy way to clean your dirty clothes. Getting in direct contact with detergent and with water for long time, can damage your skin as well as gives bad health effect too. And Indian housewives don’t have any other option, as we need to clean our clothes on regular basis.

But not now, because we here we found cheap and high durable washing machines for you, which will reduce your work load, gives you clean clothes in few minutes of wash and saves your precious time. There are different types of washing machines available in India, full automatic, semi-automatic, fully automatic with front loading and top loading options. Below is Top 5 most popular washing machine of India, which is having high capacity, having high advance features and are cheap in price;

Top 5 Best Washing Machine in India 2016- 2017

Still confused about which one to buy? No worry, below is comparison table where you can compare these different companies washing machine with each other and select the best one. We have compared them in table with their respected features, do check out.

Compare Best Washing Machines of India 2017

IFB Senorita Aqua SXIFB Senorita Aqua SX LG T72CMG22PLG T72CMG22P Samsung WF600B0BHWQSamsung WF600B0BHWQ LG P7853R3SALG P7853R3SA Bosch WAB16060INBosch WAB16060IN
Capacity :- 6.5KG 6.2KG 6.0 KG 6.8 KG 6.0 KG
15 Wash Program 04 Wash Program 12 Wash Program 04 Wash Program 06Wash Program
4 years warranty 2 years warranty 2 years warranty 2 years warranty 2 years warranty

As you can see, we have shortlisted and compared washing machines from top brands like IFB, Samsung, LG, and Bosch Company. These companies are not only popular India, but have got high trust from users who are using their washing machines since years. We have selected those washing machines which are having high ratings from users, use less energy and gives perfect clean clothes.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Washing Machines of India

Now check out the reviews of these washing machines one by one, their pros and cons, price in India and much more.

#1 IFB Senorita Aqua SX Front-loading Washing Machine

IFB Senorita Aqua SXOne of the best, high quality, high performance washing machine from IFB and remained top on our list of best washing machine in india 2016. IFB is one of the leading company not only in India but in international market as well, for washing manufacturing. IFB Senorita Aqua SX has 6.5 KG capacity, long durable, uses advance technology to wash clothes, 15 special wash program, and has 4 years of warranty.

it comes with 7 segment big LED display screen, 8 different wash program, and its a front loading washing machine, fully automatic. You don’t need to do much, just fill it with dirty clothes and program it, it gives clean clothes in minutes. IFB has used 3D shower system to give proper wash, its automatically converts hard water in soft one to wash your clothes.

You can add as much as clothes whenever required. It is totally uniquely designed washing machine, looks beautiful and rich. Uses auto imbalance system to balance while in progress, foam control level controls the foam as well.

Learn more.


  • 4 years warranty and 10 years support
  • 5 KG capacity (get all clothes washed in one time)
  • 8 different wash program
  • 3D shower system, Auqa energy feature
  • Foam control system


  • Inlet pipe and cable size is bit short

#2 LG T72CMG22P Fully Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine

LG T72CMG22PLG’s T72CMG22P is fully automatic washing machine (top loading), with 6.2 KG of capacity and with some high end features. If you are looking for fully automatic machine but in budget, LG T72CMG22P can be your choice. It is affordable machine and due to it is top-loading option, it is priced less.

It provides you choice to select 10 water levels, transparent window on the top, and 4 washing program. It gives you smooth wash and without making much noise. It has turbo drum which spins your clothes well and gives your powerful wash. Using waterfall circulation for water flow, multi water flow and small filter, it gives advance whitening to your clothes.

It uses 3 stage wash, turbo drum technology and smart filter for hygienic and clean wash. The tub is made of stainless steel, which is long durable and has more prolonged usage. It has auto dry feature as well and fuzzy logic control as well.

Learn More.


  • Affordable and budget price
  • 10 water levels, 6.2 KG capacity
  • 2 years warranty
  • Smooth and noise less cleaning

Cons :-

  • Very less wash program available

#3 Samsung WF600B0BHWQ Fully-automatic Washing Machine

Samsung WF600B0BHWQFor the people who are looking for fully automatic + front loading washing machine, here is Samsung washing machine, which offers 6 KG of capacity, 12 wash program and given 2 years of warranty.

Samsung has used diamond drum technology, and eco drum clean with multiple wash program, ensures that you gets personalized wash everytime.  Samsung has used unique technology in this washing machine, called “consistent power”, which gives stable voltage to your machine in low/high voltage case. It ensures that your machine work for much longer time.

The diamond drum technology which has diamond shape texture and small holes, gives better cleaning to any type of clothes material, in less minutes wash. It is energy saving machine, uses less energy, best value of your money. The 2000 watts of power is enough to give you powerful wash to any small to big clothes in one go.

Learn More.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Consistent power technology
  • 12 wash program

Cons :-

  • Costly
  • Users not satisfied with Samsung support.

#4 LG P7853R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine

LG P7853R3SAIf you are looking for cheap option and ready to adjust with some features, you can try LG’s P7853R3SA which is semi automatic washing machine with top loading option. In semi-automatic machine, you need to do some things manually, adding water, adding detergent etc. But they are priced less, if budget is the issue, you can go for this LG washing machine.

This is one of the best semi automatic washing machine in india, has 6.8 KG of capacity, priced under Rs.11999. LG P7853R3SA has 4 wash program, 2 years warranty from LG brand. Roller jet pulsator ensures good and perfect cleaning in 1st wash, rat away technology gives rust free cleaning, and enhance durability of machine. LG gives free installation and offer demo facility as well.

If you have small family, and just want to avoid hand cleaning, you can try LG P7853R3SA, which is priced less, does almost all work as fully automatic machine and uses high end features.

Learn More.


  • 4 wash program
  • 2 yeas warranty
  • Less price in India.


  • Semi automatic, you need to help it in some task.
  • Old design.

#5 Bosch WAB16060IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine

Bosch WAB16060INAnother fully automatic machine in best washing machine category from Bosch. Bosch is well known brand with high features and good customer service. Bosch WAB16060IN has 6 KG capacity and 2 years warranty on machine (& 10 years on motor).

Bosch WAB16060IN has multi water protection, and aquatronic wash system which cleans clothes in less effort. It uses less water and active water program adjust the water automatically. LED indicates the status, foam detection system, noise insulation, unbalanced load detection, 6 wash program and many more features.

In fully automatic and front loading category, this machine is priced less, has good basic design, and uses 2300 watts of power with 800 RPM rotation speed. Do go for it if you find IFB washing machine high priced and has you want only front loading option.

Learn More.


  • Front loading option
  • 2 years warranty
  • 6 wash program
  • Uses less water and energy


  • Not much advance features
  • LED display is poor
  • Design is quite basic/average

Conclusion:- in today’s time, when most of women’s are working women, they need to go to work every single day and maid’s salary is getting high day by day. (and many maid’s are not washing clothes with hands) or when maid is on leave, we need washing machine in home to flight all these situations. Even small kids can wash clothes using washing machine, there is no need of pre-training or guide required.

We have posted all the top popular and high rated washing machines here, now you can choose the best washing machine which fits in your demand and budget. As per our editor IFB Senorita Aqua SX is best value for money washing machine, can work for years without any issue.

Top 5 Best Ceiling fans Online in India 2017 – Check Latest Price Here

Top 5 Best Ceiling fans Online in India 2017 – Check Latest Price Here

In any session, we need fans (expect winter in north India). After all the India’s atmosphere is getting hotter day by day. And that apart, we need ceiling fans for good looking interior too. Your interior looks little odd if you don’t have ceiling fans in drawing room, bedroom or any other room.

Earlier, we had simple wall fans which has 3 blades and looks ugly, but now it’s old now. Now, we have ultra modern fans, which consume less electricity and look amazing. And some ceiling fans come with light or some fans with remote control too. Below is most popular ceiling fans of India with high end features.

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans of India (Buy Online)

To fulfill user demands, we had included ceiling fan with light and remote as well. No doubt fans with remote are costly but if you have senior citizen in your family, it will be very helpful for them to operate fan from seating on sofa. Also, if you have good new home, we recommended you to try ceiling fan with lights as it enhance your interior for sure.

Now check out the detail reviews of ceiling fans of India, with detail specification, features, warranty and latest price in India.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans of India

Below we have reviewed all the ceiling fans which are mentioned above, mentioned their features, warranty available, colors available and latest online discount price. Do check out reviews below;

#1 Crompton Aura Decorative High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton AuraIf you want energy saving and good looking fan, go for Crompton aura. It is priced less and has good looking design too. The border blades end with more width, which enhance and gives more air. It has golden ring in the centre, and matching canopy gives enhancing design.

Cropmpton has set low price for this fan and the reason, it is highest selling fan in online market. It is available in ivory and white color, has 1200 MM of blade sweep and 360 RPM of speed. Crompton has given 2 years of warranty with this fan. If you are looking ceiling fan for home or commercial usage or for industrial usage, it is ultimate fan.

It has 74 watts of motor which uses 220-230 volts of operating voltage. You will get comfort, safety and durability at once. Only thing that it has only 3 speed settings, wish Crompton has given more speed settings.

Learn More.

Power: – 74 watts (220-230 volts)

Blade sweep: – 1200MM

Motor speed: – 360 RPM

Warranty: – 2 years

#2 Havells Ambrose Ceiling Fan

Havells Ambrose Ceiling FanA double ball bearing, high performance motor and best seller fan here is from Havells brand. Havells is known brand and has good customer support as well. Havells Ambrose has high performance motor and sharp blades, which gives maximum air circulation.

This ceiling fan is priced must lesser than Crompton Aura. It has motor with designed ring, canopy are well designed, and trip blades. It gives best performance at low voltage as well. Unlike all other ceiling fans, where you need to buy shackle kit, twisted wires, etc. Havells has given all things in package; you don’t need to buy anything extra.

It has 72 watt of motor, 1200 MM of sweep of blade and motor speed at 390 RPM, its perfect ceiling fan for home. Though, it makes bit noise, which we have not noticed in any other ceiling fan. Also, Havells ceiling fan available only in pearl white wood color.

Learn More.

Power: – 72 watts

Blade sweep: – 1200MM

Motor speed: – 390 RPM

Warranty: – 2 years

#3 Bajaj New Bahar Ceiling Fan

Bajaj New Bahar Ceiling FanIn all Bajaj Ceiling fans, Bajaj New Bahar is most trusted and most popular ceiling fan. It has too double ball bearing, high speed fan, ribbed blades, and high power torque motor which pickup speed fast. And rust free power coated finish design.

If you are looking for branded home ceiling fan at low price, Bajaj Bhahar is perfect ceiling fan for you. Design wise too it has simple yet elegant design, with sharp curves on blades, which enhance your fan design. Bajaj ceiling fan is available in white and brown color.

It has 1200 MM of sweep speed but low RPM speed. Bajaj has given 73 watts of powerful motor but has low speed settings, which are not good. But it is one of the cheapest fan in india, for those who are looking for good average speed fan with low price, can go with Bajaj.

Learn More.

Power: – 73 watts

Blade sweep: – 1200MM

Motor speed: – 360 RPM

Warranty: – 1 year

#4 Crompton Uranus 72-Watt Ceiling Fan

Crompton UranusCrompton Uranus ceiling fan is for those who are looking for well attractive, high elegant design ceiling fan with lights.  Crompton Uranus has 3 designed lights (lampshades) and 4 bladse. Most of the ceiling fans comes with 3 blades but Crompton Uranus has 4 blades, which gives more air in less power.

It has 1200MM of sweep speed with 320 RPM of blade speed. Not only good in design, Crompton Uranus has 72 watts of powerful motor, which gives cool air for long time without catching heat. Crompton Uranus has got 2 years product warranty from Crompton, no maintenance for 2 years.

Only thing we didn’t liked in this fan is that there is no separate on/off switch for lights and fan given by Crompton. You need to pull the cord to switch off/switch on all bulbs together, a switch would have been more preferable.

Learn More.

Power: – 72 watts

Blade sweep: – 1200MM

Motor speed: – 320 RPM

Warranty: – 2 years

#5 Luminous Lumaire Underlight Ceiling Fan

Luminous LumaireThe more powerful, more designed and more advance ceiling fan is here, Luminous has given most advance technology fan with low price. Luminous Lumaire has under-light below motor, and comes along with remote control to operate it.

You can switch on/off Luminous Lumaire with remote; also you can increase/decrease speed as well. It has 80 watts of powerful motor which gives 350 RPM of speed to fan. While the sweep speed is 1200 MM. Luminous has given 1 year of full product warranty with this fan, which is good for such advance fan.

The light given in fan is very light, you can use it for reading books for show lights only. While the remote given with the fan is quite useful, runs on 2 AA batteries, which reduces your work load much enough.

Learn More.

Power: – 80 watts

Blade sweep: – 1200MM

Motor speed: – 350 RPM

Warranty: – 1 year

Conclusion: – Ceiling fan is essential and much need appliance for your home/kitchen. We have included the entire available popular ceiling fans with high specification, high end features, with lights, with remotes etc.

Hope our guide helps you to select best ceiling fan. For any issue, or query, you can comment below, thank you!