[Recipe] How to Make French Fries at Home (MacDonald’s Like)

[Recipe] How to Make French Fries at Home (MacDonald’s Like)

Want to make French Fries like MacDonald at Home? Here is perfect french fries recipe to make MacDonald like finger chips at home we have two recipes, one with help of Best Airfryer and one with manual cooking. After MacDonald has introduced French fries, it become very popular in Indian homes. For breakfast dishes, French fries or finger chips is quite popular. Other reason for its popularity is, its less time consuming, needs nothing special to make it. Also, its healthy breakfast, one should defiantly try this. To make crispy and soft from inside French fries, you need below mentioned things to prepare and follow below mentioned steps to make MacDonald’s like French fries recipe at home.


List of Ingredients needed to make French Fries

Preparation Time:-10 min max

Cook Time: – 20 minutes

  • 3 Large potatoes (or as per your need)
  • ¼ spoon turmeric powder
  • Chilli powder
  • Salt 1 table spoon
  • Oil for deep frying

French Fries Recipe – How To Make French Fries At Home?

  • Take 3 potatoes, after washing the potatoes, boil them and peel the skin of potatoes.
  • You can use Genius Nicer Dicer Plus for perfect shape of Potato Chips
  • Now cut the potatoes in rectangular shape (cut the curve sides of potatoes ).
  • Then cut them in slice like the French fries or finger chips looks like.
  • Now, you are ready to cook the French fries, follow below mentioned 2 methods to make French fries at home.

How to Make French Fries in AirFryer?

  • Sock the potato chips in water for 30 minutes
  • Set the air fryer temperature to 360* F.
  • Place the potato slice in large airfryer bowl,
  • Mix Cooking oil, salt, chili powder and turmeric powder
  • Set the airfryer timer for 30 minutes
  • Do shake the airfryer bowl for 2-3 times while cooking

Cooking time depends on the thickness of the potatoes chips.

How to cook French Fries on Stove?

  • Sock the potatoes chips in water for 2-3 times
  • Drain the water completely from potatoes chips, you can put it under Fan to drain out quickly.
  • After its cool down, put the Kadai on induction cooker or stove.
  • Add cooking oil, after the oil gets heat, put the potatoes and fry them until it gets brown
  • After it gets brown, drain them on paper or use oil drainer.
  • After its get oil drain, sprinkle chili powder and other ingredients & mix it with your hand well.
  • Take tomato ketchup in small bowl and have it.

My French fries doesn’t look like MacDonald’s, what to do?

To make more crispy and soft inside French fries, do use airfryer. But with manual cooking, you need to take care below mentioned things.

  • At the time of boiling potatoes, Cook it until it gets soft. But don’t overcook them that they fall and break.
  • Must retain the shape of the potatoes.
  • Dry well after boiling the potatoes, moisture potatoes chips will not crisp.

These are the tips to make more crispy French fries, use these methods. Hope we have explained well the French Fries recipe. For more kitchen appliance reviews, keep visiting us.

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