Prestige Vegetable Cutter Review – How to Use it

Prestige Vegetable Cutter Review – How to Use it

Fed up of cutting vegetables everyday with your hand? Cutting vegetables is quite a boring job and time consuming too. In today’s fast world, everyone is running short time and when you are hungry, clock runs at jet speed. But now you don’t need to chop vegetables from your hand, we got Prestige Vegetable Cutter which can cut every vegetable in small pieces and gives you perfect small pieces of vegetables within seconds.

Features of Prestige Vegetable cutter

Prestige Vegetable Cutter

  • As per your requirement, it can chop coarse, medium or fine size.
  • Can cut onion too, and all other vegetables like tamato, garlic, patato, carrot, apple, banana, cucumber and all other vegetables/fruits too.
  • Also cuts meat, fish, nuts or cheese for non-vegetarians
  • 350 ML bucket size
  • No electricity require
  • Easy to operate, in budget
  • Attractive design
  • Very less price
  • One year of Prestige Warranty

Benefits of Using Prestige Vegetable Cutter

Time saving: – If it takes you 15 mins to cut vegetables for 4 people food, prestige vegetable cutter will cut it in 1 minute or less than of that time. Just wash the veggies and put it in bucket of the vegetable chopper and pull the string.

Comfortable Veggie chopping experience: – If chopping onion can make you cry, prestige vegetable chopper will make you feel better. It gives you enhancing experience of onion chopping that you won’t cry while cutting onion and you will get perfect pieces of onion with help of prestige vegetable cutter. Not only onion, you can cut any vegetable without hurting your hand.

Money saving: – You must need to sharpen your knife every month, but with this vegetable cutter, you don’t to do it. Also, it doesn’t require electricity even; you can cut veggies with zero money.

Cuts Vegetables in Different Size: – The unique curvy blades of prestige vegetable cutter will give you option to chop vegetables in different size. You can have vegetables in big, small or medium size cuts. Like some vegetable slicer gives you different blades to slice, this cutter have multi function single blade to cut veggies in different sizes.

Pros of Prestige Vegetables Cutter

  • Easy to operate: – it’s a portable cutter; you can even carry it anywhere, even at your picnic. Though, prestige do provide user manual, but we are sure, that you can operate it without reading the manual.
  • Big bucket size: – it has 350ML of big bucket size where the cutting veggies are stored. Out of 350ML, you can easily use 300 ML of space in one go. So, you don’t require pulling off and emptying bucket every time. Also available in 500 ML Size too.
  • Attractive Design: – From the bucket to blades to jar opener to string design, prestige has take care of everything.  This veggie chopper will look beautiful in your kitchen. Available in Green shade, perfect for vegetables.
  • Easy to Clean: – Prestige has not given any complicated design which make problem while using it or while cleaning it. You can easily clean it in 30 seconds.

Cons of Prestige Vegetable Chopper

  • Handle with Care: – It’s a light weight product and quite portable too. You need to take bit of extra care while assembling and disassembling.
  • Doesn’t work as Slicer: – The special task which one slicer can do, you will miss that thing in vegetable chopper. Though, both have different purpose.

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How to use Prestige Vegetable Cutter?

If you have bought it for the first time, still you won’t get confused for second. Still we are giving you glimpse on how to use it , but once take it on your hand, you won’t feel strange, you will start using it like pro.

  • Open the Jar of the vegetable cutter
  • Put the vegetables or fruits you want to chop
  • Put the blades on and close the Jar
  • Pull the String lightly and keep pull in / pull out till you got’ desire size of pieces
  • You will get desire pieces in 5-6 times pulling of string.

Below is video tutorial which shows how to use this vegetable cutter. Hope our review helps you to buy this product. Keep visiting Kitchen Raja.

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