Bajaj Electric Kettle Review 2017 – [Read This Before You BUY]

Bajaj Electric Kettle Review 2017 – [Read This Before You BUY]

Overheating issue is of the big issue faced by Electric Kettle user. But here we got one good brand for electric kettle who has answered this query.  Yes, Bajaj Majesty KTX electric kettles have overheating protection feature. Bajaj Majesty KTX is available in multiple sizes and with all advance features. Also, Bajaj is having good brand image in Indian market for kitchen appliance. Below is detail review, features, Good and bad points of Bajaj Majesty KTX. Do check out and buy it on discount price.

Apart from cordless operation and basic heating feature, Bajaj Kettle has some good features too, check it out;

Features of Bajaj Majesty KTX Electric Kettle

bajaj electric kettle

  • Available in 3 different size
  • Tough stainless steel body
  • Cordless usage
  • Concealed heating elements
  • 360 degree connector detachable base
  • Dry boil safe
  • Manual switch for on-off
  • 2000 watts of power
  • 2 years of warranty
  • 0.5 Liter Size
  • 1.2 Liter Size
  • 1.7 Liter Size

Bajaj Majesty KTX electric kettle Price in India 2017

The price range of Bajaj’s Electric Kettle is Around Rs.1100-1500. Though, the price is reducing very significantly.

Click here to check out latest price of Bajaj Majesty KTX electric kettles 2017.

Benefits of Using Bajaj Majesty KTX electric kettles

Good for Travelers: – The special size of 0.5 liter is specially designed for travelers who use to have frequent traveling in India and abroad can buy this product.

Healthy: – it’s a healthy product as nowhere use of plastic in nearby area of heating up.

Safe: – No more burning hands while boiling, you can safely use this product to boil water and tea/coffee too.

Pros of Bajaj Majesty KTX Electric Kettles

  • Easy to Use: – The Bajaj’s kitchen appliance is always easy to use. IF you check the demo or read the user manual, you are done with how to use it.
  • Manual Switch: – it was one of the drawback in prestige electric kettle where there is no manual switch given. But in Bajaj electric kettle, they have given automatic as well as manual switch too.
  • Overheating Protection: – if you are always worried that your tea/coffee will be overheated, don’t worry, bajaj has taken care of this. They have provided automatic overheat protection features too.
  • Warranty: – Bajaj is having good after sales service too. They have given 2 years of warranty on Bajaj electric kettle.
  • Light Weight: – Bajaj electric kettle is quite light in weight , you can easily use and move it.

Cons of Bajaj Electric Kettle (Bajaj Majestry KTX)

  • Small Mouth: – The pouring in kettle is tough job. As the mouth provided on kettle is quite small and one cannot easily pour in.
  • Design: – Not the outer body, but the inner body of Bajaj electric kettle is Not Good. That, when you try to empty the Jar or kettle, there is always some milk or tea will left and cannot come out.
  • Cleaning: – Because of its design, the cleaning of this kettle is not so easy. You have to take bit of care and time to clean it.

These are the Pros and Cons of Bajaj Electric Kettle. Hope it will help you to choose the best electric kettle.

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