[Review] Bajaj Majesty ICX7 Induction Cooker – 10% OFF Discount

[Review] Bajaj Majesty ICX7 Induction Cooker – 10% OFF Discount

Many customers have shown their trust in Bajaj Induction Cooker. Here is detail review of the Bajaj Induction cooktops which are available in different size, quality and price. We have listed below mentioned best induction cooker which will help you to cook at best. Bajaj has given large no of variety in induction stove. You can choose the one which you like the most. Below is more about the bajaj induction cooktop cum induction cooker. Check out the functionality, product specification, pros and cons of the Bajaj induction cooker in detail review.

Features of Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

In india, after Philips and prestige, Bajaj is good brand, and bajaj has good variety of induction stove, which help you choose the best induction cooktop for your kitchen. Check out the features of bajaj majesty ICX 7 Induction cooktop;

Bajaj Induction Cooker

  • 8 auto cook Indian cook menu
  • Special keep warm mode
  • Auto Shut off feature
  • Delay start option
  • Tact Switch
  • Anti-insecticide gel
  • Auto wattage regulation
  • 4 Digit LED
  • 1 year warranty
  • 1900 watts


  • Width :- 290MM
  • Height :-65 mm
  • Weight :- 3.7 KG
  • Dimension :- 43.4 x 36 x 20.8 cm

Price of Bajaj Majesty Induction Cooker ICX 7

The price range of Bajaj Majesty Induction Cooker is starts from Rs.1900 and available till Rs.3500/-. There is very large variety of induction cooker from Bajaj majesty as they are available in 1400 watts, 1900 watts, 2000 watts, and many more versions available.

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Why You Should Buy Bajaj Induction Cooker?

8 preset Menu

Bajaj majesty has given 8 different menus like soup, braise, and boil, deep fry, fry, Hot pot and normal cooking options. Just press on the button and it will set the temperature according to it. Though, there is normal manual temperature control buttons also given.

Keep Warm Mode

In case, you cooked the food and no one has arrived at the dining, you can put the bowl on induction panel and press keep warm mode. The food will be warm till the foodies arrive at dining.

Delay Timer Mode

If you have started the cooking but you forgot to add something. Don’t worry, with Bajaj majesty, you can enjoy delay timer mode will enable you to cooking again after adding more ingredients.

Auto Shut Off

In case, there is no vessels put on induction panel, the induction cooker will auto switch off after 1 minute.

Pros of Bajaj Induction Cooker

  • Variable size of induction cooker: – you can choose the best you want, according to you need. Bajaj Majesty Induction cooktops are available in 1400 watts, 1900 watts, and 2000 watts options.
  • Auto shut off: – This features is not even available in the Best inductions like Philips and prestige. You can go with this as its important feature to have.
  • Price: – With compare to prestige and Philips, bajaj majesty has low price range induction cooker. With all modern cooking options, this cooker is best in this price range.
  • Design: – Bajaj majesty ICX 7 has good, attractive design. Like having crystal glass and inbuilt sensors on glass panel gives you amazing work experience.

Cons of Bajaj Induction Cooker

  • Customer Service: – Many customers have complained that bajaj is not giving good service after sales. Though, Bajaj majesty has mentioned to have 1 year of warranty with this product.
  • Only 8 preset menus: – While all other company is giving more number of preset cooking menus, bajaj disappoints with only 8 menus. Though, the most frequently used menus are covered but would be good if there is more preset menus.

Overall, after checking Philips induction cooker and Prestige induction cooker, we found Philips is #1 in induction cooker but with high price range. For low price range and compromising few features, you can also enjoy cooking with induction cooker with Bajaj Majesty.

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