[Review] Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder 2017 – [Discount Price]

[Review] Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder 2017 – [Discount Price]

If you are looking for Juicer which can also perform mixing and grinding, you can choose Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder. It’s a perfect Juicer with mixer grinder, with 2 year of Bajaj Warranty and 5 year of motor warranty. Bajaj Majesty is perfect juicer mixer grinder from bajaj for Indian family who need to have machine which can perform multiple function and not much costly. Below is detail review, features, benefits of using Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder.

Features of Bajaj Majesty JX 4 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Majesty JX 4

  • 2 speed control to increase operation in time
  • Juicer contains in built pulp container
  • Spatula is designed to remove mix easily
  • Blade changing is quite easy
  • You can do Dry Grinding too
  • 250 watt of speedy motor (max power 450 watt)
  • 2 separate Jar for Juicing, mixing and grinding.
  • Motor Overload protector for Safety
  • 2 year of product and additional 3 year warranty for motor

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Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder Price

The price of Bajaj Juicer Mixer Grinder is decreasing by 4-6% every year. IF you are looking for budget option to do multiple task in kitchen, you can buy Bajaj majesty juicer mixer grinder which available at approx RS.2100/- price in Indian market.

Benefits of Using Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder

Different Speed Control: – It has 2 different speed controls which can increase machine productivity, incher for momentary operations. Unlike, other juicer mixer grinder, who has single speed control for juicing, mixing and grinding, this product has unique feature.

Easy to clean: – you can easily clean Juicing and mixer/ Grinder Jar, which has unique design. You can separate juicing blades and can easily clean it. While Bajaj majesty juicer has in built pulp container which reduce your cleaning work.

Easy to Juice Any Fruit/ Vegetable: – you can easily take juice of any hard fruits or vegetable with Bajaj majesty juicer. Just put it in its mouth and it will juice it automatically.

Good Points of Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder

  • Maximum Warranty: – if you compare it with all other Juicer available in the market, you will find that Bajaj Gives maximum year of warranty (2 year on product and 5 year on motor).
  • In budget: – Among all available Juicer mixer Grinder, Bajaj Majesty is having good features and less price with maximum warranty.
  • Powerful motor: – Bajaj Majesty JX 4 Juicer Mixer Grinder has 450 watts of powerful motor which can grind and mix anything. And gives you quality food to eat.
  • Less noisy: – Unlike other Juicer mixer grinder, Bjaja Majesty has very less noise while working and does the task easily.

Negative Points of Bajaj Majesty Juicer Mixer Grinder

  • Need more space: – It is not designed compactly. You need to have more space to use this machine.
  • Heat Issue: – Some customers have complained about heat issue. That after continuous usage of this juicer mixer grinder, it heats up quickly.

Bajaj Majesty JX 4 and Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

Many people are gets confused between Bajaj Majesty JX 4 and Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder. Here we are explaining some of the important different between of this product.

Bajaj Majesty JX 4

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

– Its a Juicer + Mixer + Grinder.

– 450 watts of Motor

– 2 Jar Only

– 2 year of warranty

–  It is just Mixer and Grinder.

– 500 watts of Motor

– 3 Jar (including 1 for chutney)

– 1 year of warranty


Apart from the above mentioned basic difference, both products have different purpose. Bajaj Majesty JX 4 is fall in Juicer Category while Bajaj Rex in Mixer Grinder category. You cannot do Juicing with Bajaj Rex while you can do Juicing, Mixing and Grinding with Bajaj Majesty JX 4. You can choose the one which suits your requirement.

Final Take: – Our editor recommended you to check other Best Juicer Before buying this. If you are only buying or juicing, you better should check Philips viva HR 1863 Juicer. But if you want a Juicer Mixer Grinder than you can check other option like Philips HL1632 which is also good option.


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