Top 10 Best Split Air Conditioner in India 2017 – Latest Price

Top 10 Best Split Air Conditioner in India 2017 – Latest Price

best air conditioner in indiaAs the summer knocks the door, we reminds to have a cooling system which cools down hot air and give new clean cool air to tap down the temperature and give relief from summer heat. There are many air conditioner available but its quite hard to select the best one. You need to look for plenty of things in air condition before buy it. The best air conditioner should must have good capacity, low energy consumptive system, and low price. Do check out the list given below; where we have listed best air conditioner of India.

Top 10 Best Split Air Conditioner in India 2017

NameBEE RatingsCapacityWarrantyLatest Price In India
Voltas 185 EY (R) Split AC5 Stars1.5 Ton1 year on Product/5 year on compressor
Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U3 Stars1.5 Ton1 year on Product/5 year on compressor
Kenstar KSM55.WN1-MDA5 Stars1.5 Ton1+1 year on Product/4 year on compressor
Voltas 185JY Split AC5 Stars1.5 Ton1 year on Product/5 year on compressor
LG LSA3NP5A L-Nova Plus5 Stars1 Ton1 years warranty on product
Lloyd Floret LS19A3SH3 Stars1.5 Ton1 year on Product/5 year on compressor
Voltas 245 DY Delux Y5 Stars2 Ton1 year on Product/5 year on compressor
SAMSUNG AR18KC3UDUQ3 Stars1.5 Ton1 year on Product/5 year on compressor
Daikin IDU FTC50QRV16 3 Stars1.5 Ton1 year on Product & compressor
Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA 5 Stars1.5 Ton2 year extended warranty

As you can see the above list, you can compare different brand’s different ACs with each other based on their features. We aren’t stopping here; we will provide you detail review of each of the product, so you can get helping hand to buy a major home appliance (like Refrigerator buying guide). Mostly in India, expect few cities, most of the cities cross 45 degree temperature in summer. And for normal human being, its not normal temperature that they can bear, saving yourself from the heat wave is quite big thing. The only way you can save yourself is going under air conditioner.

How to Select Good Air conditioner for Home/office?

There are different brands available in market, which provides high quality home appliance with great price benefit. Brands like Blue star, Voltas, Samsung, Onida, Lloyd, Hitachi, Daikin, LG, Haier, whirlpool and many more brands are giving tough competition to each other. We have listed those high performance and energy efficient ACs after considering below criteria’s. Do check out the each criteria mentioned below and consider how to select air conditioner in India.

Capacity: – Depends on your room size (where you want to install new air conditioner), you can choose the capacity of the AC required. How to measure the required capacity of your room? Well, it’s quite simple. You need to calculate a bit, follow below mentioned formula and calculate how much capacity of AC will require in your room.

Required Tonnage of AC = Height X Width X Length of your room / Floor size.

I.e. if your total room size is 100 or less sq ft, you require 1 TON ac in your room. Above 120 sq ft, you require 1.5 ton ac in your room.

BEE Ratings: – BEE Ratings is compulsory to check as it is measurement of how much energy efficient is your AC. BEE India (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rates home appliance from 1 star (low) to 5 star (high) ratings based on their energy consumption limit. 5 star ratings AC will be costly but consumes less energy, while 3 star ratings ACs are cheaper in price but consumes more power.

Cooling speed: – Cooling speed of the AC is determined with the fan speed they provide. If it has 3 speed levels, it is enough to cool your room in 10-15 mins. We recommended you to choose the product with energy efficient settings provided with the speed settings.

Split AC or Window ACs: – Well it’s not too tough answer to call. Windows ACs are outdated, consumes more power and require more space, while Split ACs are cheaper in price, more powerful, consume less space and energy.

Installation charges :- There are many AC manufacturer company which provide free installation but if a good brand doesn’t provide free installation, you better compromise with it as installation charges is hardly INR 1000-1500.

Warranty: – Warranty of the electric products and home appliance is much important to check. As there might happen some fault or functioning problem, in that case calling customer service and get your product repaired is quite good.

Price: – Price of the AC is of course should be low, but if you are going to buy 5 star rating air conditioner in India, you need to spend more money. While 3 star rating air conditioner are cheaper. Also, brand wise the price of ACs is getting differ. Blue star, Voltas and Daikin has bit costly ACs in market while Samsung, Onida, LG, and other brands have low priced ACs.

Other features: – Do check features like ACs with HEPA filter (which provides clean air for you), sleeping mode, auto clean mode, less noisy ACs and timer facility (which help you to save more energy). HEPA filter ACs can reduce your usage of Air purifier in summer atlest, and if you buy dual Air ACs (HOT and Cold air), you might not require room heater as well in winter.

These are the points/criteria you need to consider while buying new split ACs in India. Hope our buying guide will help you to choose the best product and long durable as well.

Reviews of Top 10 Air Conditioner in India 2017

After researching for long, and in-depth, we have shortlisted some of the good and energy efficient ACs which you can use in home office and home. Do check out features, specification and pros/cons of the ACs below before you buy it. Before we continue, let me tell you that we have only included best split AC in our list as window AC does not matched our criteria (because window ACs are consuming more energy and costly as well).

#1 Voltas 185 EY (R) Executive R Split AC

Voltas 185 EY(S)Voltas is very known brand in home appliance and air conditioner. They have very nice powerful and long durable air conditioner products which gives full value of your money. Look and style wise too, voltas air conditioner are leading the race. This split ac from voltas has 1.5 ton capacity, quite good enough to cover big area/room.

It has cooling capacity of 5050 watts, power usage of 1438 watts and quite energy efficient as well. BEE has given 5 star ratings to this AC. It has many good features like anti-bacteria filter, dust filter, high EER Rotary Compressor, Auto restart, timer and makes very less noise. Just 44 db of nice which is quite less.

It ensures you get sound sleep with cool air and till the time you want (you can always set the timer according to your need). Voltas gives good customer support after sale, gives 5 years warranty on compressor, 1 year on product warranty.


  • 5 star rating from BEE
  • High capacity, low energy usage
  • Low noise, stylish, available in Red and silver color.
  • 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year on product.

Cons: –

  • No free installation.

#2 Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split AC

Blue Star 3CNHW18CAFBlue star is quite big name when it comes to split air conditioner. They have much good presence in US, UK, india and other countries. 3CNHW18CAF is inverter AC which saves your AC from high/low voltages and save energy consumption as well. It is 1.5 ton capacity split ac with 3 star ratings from BEE.

It gives such powerful cooling, hardly takes 5 mins to fully cool your room. And the reason many commercial company/office uses blue star ACs only. Blue star has used anti acarien, anti bacterial, active carbon, dust, silver ion, and catechin filter in this AC. It has cooling capacity of 5300 watts, power usage of 1600 watts and only makes 40 db of noise while working.

Blue star provides 1 year product review and 5 year on compressor. Blue star recommended to use power stabilizer with this air conditioner.


  • Inverter split ac, consume less power
  • High cooling performance
  • Multi level filter


  • Costly
  • No 5 star ratings from BEE.

#3 Kenstar KSM55.WN1-MDA/QDL Split AC

Kenstar KSM55.WN1This is cheapest air conditioner in 5 star ratings and 1.5 Ton capacity. In india, kenstar known for producing good kitchen and home appliance. You will hardly find any other AC which falls under price of Rs.25000 in 1.5 ton category.

It has 5200 watts of cooling capacity, and requires 995 watts of power consumption. Kenstar has used anti bacterial filter, silver ion filter as well. Auto clean feature cleans it automatically. Dehumidification features saves the level of humidity in room, and using turbo mode, you can get instant cooling.

Kenstar has given 4 years of warranty on compressor and 1 +1 year of warranty on product. Overall, its a good product with low price tag and good performance.


  • Affordable
  • Powerful and stylish
  • Great cooling experience


  • Only 4 years warranty on compressor
  • No extra filters or attractive features.

#4 Voltas 185JY Split AC

Voltas 185JYAnother 5 star rating 1.5 ton split ac from voltas, this time 185JY’s review. This AC has more power, features and high capacity with low power consumption. You can use its sleep mode to auto adjust room temperature while you are sleeping. It has got LCD remote control via which you can control this AC better.

Voltas has given auto restart, anti-bacteria filter, auto clean, auto diagnosis, dual temperature feature and much more. It gives 5050 watts of cooling capacity, 1430 watts of power usage, and rotary compressor. Voltas has given 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year warranty on product.

Voltas 185JY has 5 star ratings from BEE and it makes very low noise, just 45 db of noise which is below average.


  • High cooling capacity
  • Energy saving
  • Sleep mode
  • Advance filter


  • Costly
  • Below average design.

#5 LG LSA3NP5A L-Nova Plus Split AC

LG LSA3NP5AIn 1 Ton Category (where room size is less than 120 sq ft, in such room LG LSA3NP5A can does good job. It uses Himalaya cool technology, which provides fast cooling and 2 times faster air swing. It has auto clean feature, which can clean this AC on its own.

To give you comfort over humidity, it has monsoon comfort technology which gives perfect cooling in monsoon session as well. It uses BATA (Body Adaptation Time Algorithm) for energy efficient use. It has timer facility, sleep mode and much more modes to give you comfort over night usage.

LG has given 1 year warranty on this 1 ton AC with 5 star ratings. And this is totally noise less operation AC which hardly makes 35 db noise while in usage.


  • Himalaya cool technology and monsoon comfort technology
  • Quick air swing
  • BATA energy efficient system


  • No warranty over compressor
  • No free installation.

#6 Lloyd Floret LS19A3SH Split AC

Lloyd Floret LS19A3SHLloyd is also getting more popular day by day in india, as they have good AC with great price. It gives dual filter, auto restart, rotary compressor and many other cool features which hardly gets in this price range.

Floret LS19A3SH has 1.5 ton capacity and 3 star BEE ratings. It gives 3670 watts of cooling and 1136 watts of power usage. Style and design wise too, this split ac is good. Lloyd has given 1 year of warranty on product and 5 year on compressor.

If you are worried for low BEE rating, you can attach power stabilizer with this AC to improve the energy efficiency.


  • Low price
  • Good capacity
  • Good style and design.


  • No extra features
  • Average filter.
  • Low BEE ratings.

#7 Voltas 245 DY Delux Y Series Split AC

Voltas 245 DYIf you have bigger room and big space to cover, Kitchen raja advises you to buy 2 ton AC which gives good performance and consume less power. Voltas 245 DY is top model in Y series ACs which has 2 ton capacity with 5 star ratings.

Ofcours, 5 star ratings AC comes in much more price but for more powerful performance, you have to spend much money. Voltas has given dust filter, Auto restart, timer, sleep mode and other features. While it has 1774 watts of cooling capacity, and 1774 watts of power usage as well.

Voltas has given 5 years warranty on compressor while 1 year warranty on product as well. It makes 50 db of noise while working.


  • 2 ton with energy efficiency
  • Good features
  • Low noise


  • Average design
  • Low cooling capacity.

#8 SAMSUNG AR18KC3UDUQ  Split AC Blue Strip

samsung AR18KC3UDUQIf you want good branded AC in 1.5 ton capacity with powerful performance, we recommended to go with Samsung AR18KC3UDUQ. It has 1.5 ton of capacity and 3 star ratings from BEE. Samsung has used new power flow pattern in this AC, which gives good power flow and much faster.

Samsung has used anti bacterial, Dust filter in this Ac and features like auto restart, timer, are also present. It has great cooling capacity of 5000 watts and 1560 watts of power consumption. It uses Mutijet Plus technology for better air flow, almost 30 % faster than other ACs.

Auto clean, Dehumidification and other good features enhance the powerful experience of this has good design and style which will match all kind of background. Samsung has given 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year on product.


  • Great design
  • Great cooling capacity
  • Using latest technology/filters


  • 3 star rating only.

#9 Daikin IDU FTC50QRV16 Split AC

Daikin IDU FTC50QRV16Daikin is first choice for commercial usage due to its powerful performance, great brand name, and long durability. Daikin has used power air flow flap, which riches air at longest end. Wide angle louvers, vertical auto swing and many other features.

BEE has given 3 star ratings to this 1.5 ton AC but due to low price, you can try to go with this AC. Daikin has used dust filter, auto restart, rotary compressor. Daikin’s IDU FTC50QRV16 has 5000 watts of cooling capacity and 1560 watts of power usage.

And daikin provides 1 year warranty on product + compressor, no extra warranty for compressor here, which is bit disappointing.


  • Powerful AC
  • Great performance
  • Dust filter


  • Consumes more power
  • Not so great design.

#10 Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA Cooling Split AC

Mitsubishi MS-GK18VAThough, Mitsubishi is not known or popular brand in india but outside india, it has good popularity. This is again 5 star rating AC has 1.5 ton capacity with fast cooling and long durability. It has high performance DC motor fan, which is equivalent to AC motor.

BEE has given 5 star ratings and also, outdoor unit of this AC has anti –dust paint, it has special timer which does on/off operation at 10 minutes interval for energy saving. Also, it reduces dampness without affecting the temperature and gives best performance with grooved pipes.

Mitsubishi is allowing 2 year extended warranty at low price. And this AC has nano platinum filter.


  • Nano platinum filter
  • Anti-dust paint on outdoor units
  • Timer for energy saving.


  • Simple design
  • Costly.

Conclusion: – That’s all our top 10 split ACs which you can use 2017 summer to beat the heat wave. We provided all the good side and drawback of the products. We have considered those points/criteria, user feedback and price tag of the product to prepare this list. There are different ranges of ACs available above and you can choose the one which fits in your pocket and needs.

Apart from cooling down room temperature, air conditioner can also useful for air purification, controlling humidity level (in monsoon), And even some ACs also controls mosquitoes too (to give you sound sleep).

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