Best Coffee Maker Review 2017 – Latest Price of Coffee Maker

Best Coffee Maker Review 2017 – Latest Price of Coffee Maker

Only coffee lovers can understand why they need coffee maker machine at home. Coffee sip is good to have, it reduce stress and give you more energy to work. And the reason, coffee maker is much needed to make coffee instantly. But choosing the best coffee maker is bit time consuming job. Because there are 100s of brands available in market. So, here are Kitchen Raja’s top 5 best coffee makers. We have shortlisted Best coffee maker machine based on their features, pros/cons, performance and many other factors. Do check out the comparison table, where we have compared all top coffee maker machines.

Top 5 Best Coffee Maker in India 2017

We have shortlisted these coffee maker based on their performance, price, online customer feedback and many other factors. Do check out below mentioned comparison table based on features of coffee makers;

Morphy Richards New Europa Philips Coffee Maker Tecnora Classico Preethi Cafe Oster 3302-049
04 Cup Coffee Capacity 10/15 Cups 2 Cups Basic Coffee maker 12 Cup
800 Watts 1000 watts 850 watts 450 Watts 900 Watts
Makes espresso/ Cappuccino Makes espresso/ Cappuccino Makes espresso/ Cappuccino Makes espresso/ Cappuccino
2 years of Warranty 2 years of Warranty 2 years of Warranty 1 year of Warranty 2 years of Warranty

Now check out the detail reviews of each of the top 5 best coffee maker machines available in India. In 2017, many more coffee maker machine were lunched but we have shorted listed very few based on their performance.

Review of Best Coffee Maker Machines 2017

Morphy Richards New Europa Coffee Maker (Editor’s Choice)

morphy rechards coffee machineIf you are fan of coffee as well as espresso and cappuccino, you must buy Morphy Richards Coffee Maker. Its a best coffee maker available in India. Just fill the drip tray with desire level of water and you will get instant coffee using Morphy Richards coffee machine. The coffee mag is good clear and has indicators too for how many cup of coffee is made.

Its handy and have great design. You can easily clean the mag and the machine easily. Just ensure that you empty the water tank before each usage. Also, using the instruction manual, anyone can make coffee easily. You can also make single cup coffee with this, just put less ingredients and you will get as much coffee from this machine. No need to make cup of coffee every time.

You need to keep cleaning the water tank, also like all other coffeemaker, you need to be careful with the glass coffee mag, it might broken. Steam outlet is bit average quality, it only release pressure at 4 BAR.  Normally, we required steam outlet at 8 BAR.

Philips HD7447/20 920-1080Watt Coffee Maker

philips coffee makerPhilips HD7447 is another best coffee maker with fewer prices. And Philips (As known for) got the best unique design for coffee maker machine. The modern look of this machine will enhance your working experience.  It is available 2 different size (0.92 liter and 1.2 liter).

It has clear indicators on the coffee mag and power filling bar, where you can see how many cup of coffee you need. The 1.2 liter version can easily made 10-15 cup of coffee in single usage. Also, Philips has given LED power on-off button which can help you to make coffee more comfortably.

Overall, its a good coffee maker machine. But some customers have complained about the filter provided with this machine. Sometimes the coffee power comes out of the machine; you need to use filter papers. Its easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Total value of your money.

Tecnora Classico TCM 106 M Coffee Maker

tecnora coffee makerIf you are looking for small coffee machine without coffee mag, which can drain out the coffee in any cup, you can go for this coffee making machine. Unlike, all other coffee maker machine, it uses 15 bar of pressure to extract steam and gives you best taste of coffee. This machine uses Italian pump which easily extract the steam.

It has manual buttons given for on-off, expresso button and steam button too. You can have different steam out spout for milk; cappuccino or hot chocolate. It makes 2 coffee cup at a time. As mentioned above, its good for small usage, for big usage you can go with Philips coffee maker. It’s beautifully designed and use ground powder from coffee beans.

You will love the Cappuccino of this machine, its lovely.  Tecnora Classico coffee maker will automatically adjust the temperature and gives you best coffee in the world. The best thing about this machine is it gives best taste of coffee; no one can match the taste of this machine. Company is giving you 2 years of warranty but we doubt that you need their support ever.

Preethi Cafe Zest Drip Coffee Maker

preethi coffee makerPreethi coffee maker is best entry level coffee machine. This Brand has used high quality plastic which cannot heat easily. If you are learning basic of brewing, you must go for this coffee maker machine. This machine uses 450 watts of power and 230 volts of operating power. This ensures that you will get good coffee.

It has 500 ML of coffee mag with chromed handle. You can easily make 3-4 cup of coffee with this machine. Also, the much needed manual button for on-off the machine with LED light. You can remove the Coffee jar any point of time and also prevents the wastage using Anti drip system.

Please note that this coffee maker does not ‘brew’ your coffee nor you can make espresso with this. Its a basic coffee machine. At our experience, it made 125 ML of coffee within minutes. Like all other coffee maker, you also need to empty the water tank after every usage.  Preethi provides 1 year of warranty on this machine.

Oster 3302-049 900-Watt 12 Cup Coffee Maker

oster coffee makerIf you have big family, and have to use it frequently or looking for coffee maker for small cafe or office, you can go for this machine. It does make coffee faster. It has permanent filter attached, you can always get best taste of coffee for sure.

Its quite easy to clean. Like all other machine, Oster coffee maker also got the indicators on the coffee mag. It has capacity of making 12 cup of coffee but you can also make single cup of coffee with custom water/coffee power quantity.

Unlike other machine, this coffee maker has got good length of power cable. Long enough to use it freely. Its easy to use, oster has provided instruction manual, using that, you can easily make coffee from day one. You can brew coffee and pour cup of coffee with brewing coffee pause feature. You can easily remove the filter basket, non-stick warming plate and 2 year of warranty from oster. It’s perfect coffee maker.

These are the list and review of the top and best coffee makers india. Now check out our exclusive guide on how to choose the coffee maker machine;

How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker Machine 2017?

To choose the good coffee maker machine, you need keep in mind below mentioned points, do read and buy coffee maker now;

  • Capacity: – As you can see above, you can find the different size of the cup of coffee made by machine. From 15 cup to 10 cup to single cup of coffee maker is available.
  • Price: – Price of Coffee maker machine in India is reducing very rapidly. But between Rs.3500-2500, you can find the best coffee maker easily.
  • Performance: – Do you want to use it regularly, or for occasion usage. Buy the coffee maker machine with good brand which provides good warranty.
  • Only coffee or espresso/ Cappuccino: – There are few coffee maker machines which only gives you basic coffee, while to have Cappuccino and espresso, you need to have coffee maker machine with brewing features.

These are the some points you need to take care before you buy your next coffee maker machine. Hope we have given you perfect guide and review of coffee maker machine. For any query or suggestion, you can shoot the comment box. Thank you.

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