Top 5 Best Electric Tandoor in India 2017 – Check Latest Price Online

Top 5 Best Electric Tandoor in India 2017 – Check Latest Price Online

Having tandoori roti or naan in winter is totally different fun. But to get tandoori roti, we must need to visit nearest dhaba or hotel where we can expect tandoori. But having tandoori at home is bit difficult, and that too when our working life doesn’t allow us to think much about to have different dishes due to shortage to time.

But now we have electric tandoor which can be used to prepare tandoori roti at home. Even if you have best electric tandoor, you can even use it make naan, barbecuing vegetables and for back pizza as well. Below we have listed some of the popular and high rated electric tandoor, do check out.

Top 5 Best Electric Tandoor in India 2017

One of the benefits of having electric tanoor is that its cheap in price, you can get best electric tandoor with high features just in 2-3k in india.  We have listed few above. Now check out how to choose the best one among all available option.

How to choose Electric Tandoor Online?

Electric Tandoor has very small capacity; you need to insert one roti at a time, its time consuming. But trust me, its totally worth to have your tasty tandoori roti at home. Its totally suited for small family where 4-5 people are there to eat and want tandoori roti, this could be the best option.

While you to buy electric tandoor online, do check out below mentioned features before buying;

Brand: – there are many new brands also available in this category but avoid it. We recommended you to go with popular brand which provide you great after sales support as well.

Affordable Price: – The Price of the electric tandoor should not be more than 3000-5000. You can get best one in this price range of 2000-3000, no need to spend much money.

Power: – More the powerful your tandoor, the easiest to prepare tandoori roti on it. We have listed some of the most powerful tandoor which has 2000 watts of power (i.e Berg Electric tandoor).

Features: – The advance tandoors are offering many great and advance features like sock proof cooking, non-stick grilling, recipe book etc. Do check for it.

Now check out the pros and cons of the top 5 electric tandoor with details reviews, mentioned below.

Online Review of Top 5 Best Electric Tandoor in India

Here we are providing reviews of electric tandoor which will help you to buy the best one.

#1 Philips HD4419 Plate Table Grill + Tandoor

Philips HD4419When it comes to kitchen appliance or home appliance, one should blindly trust Philips. Philips does gives you best product, bit costly but good performer. Also, Philips is known for its after sales service as well. Philips HD4419 is powerful grill and electrical tandoor which can be used for all frying, grilling work.

Philips HD4419 has 2300 watts of power, which can produce high heat in no time and prepare food as fast as possible. Stir frying and grilling can be done using its smooth top, it has non-stick grilling surface as well and Adjustable thermostat for different dishes.

Philips giving 2 years of warranty and 220-240 volts of operating voltage. Its totally dishwasher safe, easy to clean and easy to use product. It has very nice design and easy to operate knobs. Amazon right now offers discount on this product, do check out the latest price and discount using below link.

Learn More.

Pros :-

  • Grilling + frying
  • 2300 watts
  • Fast heating
  • Elegant design

Cons :-

  • Costly.

#2 Berg Electric tandoor

To make tandoor is most easiest thing, and oil free coking too using Berg electric tandoor. In the electric tandoor category, this is most popular product and high rated on amazon as well. Its most light weight and easy to use product.

If you just want to make tandoori roti and have no other use, you can blindly trust this product. Its most shock proof product in this category, and create fast heat for fast cooking. It can also make grilled items as well as pizza.

Just put ingredients on the aluminium tray and you can prepare tandoori roti in no time. It has 2000 watts of power and uses 230 volts of operating voltage. Berg has given 2 years of warranty with this product.

Learn More.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry

Cons :-

  • Poor design.

#3 Smart Life Mini Electric tandoor

Smart Life Mini Electric tandoorThis is totally same product as Berg Electric tandoor but almost at half price. It has same power, same design and same performance. But Smart life does not give any warranty on this product.

If you are looking electric tandoor only for first time try, or you want a machine to try how tandoori roti made at home, you can go with Smart Life Mini Electric tandoor.

You can make tandoori roti as well as grilled items as well. Making grilled chicken, paneer and vegetables is most easily done. Do check out the latest price and discount on amazon.

Pros :-

  • Low cost
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use

Cons :-

  • No warranty
  • Poor quality material

#4 MICRONE Black Metal Electric Tandoor

MICRONE Black Metal Electric TandoorOne of the finest product with metal body and easy to use. Microne uses less electricity, has shock proof feature and good average design.

You will get recipe book with this product, so you can make new dishes using this tandoor or you can also learn how to make tandoori roti on electric tandoor.

It is one of the low cost product with basic feature, you can give a try if you are buying for the first time.

Pros :-

  • Low price
  • Metal body

Cons :-

  • Average design
  • No warranty
  • Less powerful

#5 Huan Yi Compact Electric Barbecue Grill And Tandoor

Huan Yi Compact Electric Barbecue GrillIf you are looking for low price product for grilling, boiling, brown, toasting, or warming (reheat) foods, you can try huan Yi compact tandoor.

It is one of the well designed and well performing products in this category. You will get 1 Barbecue grill and 2 boiling tray with this product, which you can use it for cooking different dishes. Its body is shock proof and handles are easy to use.

No mention of power or volts, also no mention of warranty from company. You can get more details on amazon here.


  • Compact design
  • Heats up quickly

Cons :-

  • No temperature control knob
  • Small size, don’t expect big tandoor roti.

Conclusion :- Well, for having your favorite tandoor, we must not look for cheap price but for high performance machine which prepares tandoor in minutes. We have tried to list all the tandoor which are good and has high rating from users. Hope our reviews helped you to choose the best one.

Our editor has recommended going with Philips HD4419 or Berg Electric tandoor which are best product and gives best value of your money. Though, Smart life Mini and Huan Yi Compact is also good option for those wants tandoor + Barbecue Grill.

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