Best Food Processor Review 2017 – Top Food Processor in India

Best Food Processor Review 2017 – Top Food Processor in India

If you are fed up of doing slicing, dicing, making chutney, chopping, than you should buy one Food processor. If you have Best Food Processor, it will help you all the manual task you do before starting cooking with vegetables or fruits. Having good food processor is almost equal to have an assistant who help you in everything of cooking which take lot of time. But with help of food processor, you can do big task in few minutes, automatically.

Top 5 Best Food Processor in India 2017

There are many good brands available in market which provides good food processor but not all products are good for you. There should be combination of cheap price food processor with all nice features which can help you to cook fast. Below is comparison table which will compare price and features of top 5 best food processor of India;

Philips HR7629/90 Morphy Richards Icon DLX Philips HR7627/00 Bajaj FX 11 Inalsa Fiesta
4 Accessories 3 Accessories 4 Accessories 3 Accessories 4 Accessories
2 years Warranty 2 years Warranty 2 years Warranty 5 years of motor & 2 years Warranty 5 years of motor & 2 years Warranty
650 watts 1000 watts 650 watts 600 watts 650 watts
ABS plastic ----- ABS plastic Polycarbonate Plastic ABS plastic

The top usage of food processor is grinding (Wet and dry), chutney, chopping and slicing vegetables, cheese shredding, making soups and sauces, Kneading, Cutting, Chopping, Shredding, and Juicing. Check out Review of Top 5 Food processor and find out which suits your kitchen the most;

Top 5 Best Food Processor – Top Choice – Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90

Below is detail review of high rating food processors of india, which have been even recommended by real users. Take a look at each product, their feature, price and much more.

#1 Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90

The best food processor comes from the most trusted brand in kitchen appliance, Philips. Philips HR7629/90. You can do wet or dry, all kind of grinding works with this food processor. Making or kneading Atta can be done in minutes. Philips HR7629/90 provides you noise less great experience of cooking.

This product uses PowerChop Technology which provides fast and swift chopping of vegetables/fruits within minutes. As powerChop technology uses share blade and cutting angle bowl of Philips food processor jar.

From all other brands food processor, Philips food processor is having 40% larger feeding tube which helps you to put large ingredients. It comes with 2.1 Litre bowl and 1.75 litre blender jar. It uses 650 watts of powerful motor which requires 220-240V power. With 2 speed control and 2 year of warranty, Philips ensure you, you use this product for long time without any issue. Its dishwasher safe product, easy to clean.

#2 Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-Watt Food Processor

Morphy Richards Icon DLXMorphy Richards Icon DLX is one of best food processor which has 11 attachments means it can do 11 types of cooking work (i.e mixing, grinding etc). It comes with 2.4 litre bowl, 1.5 litre of jar, 1 litre jar for dry/wet grinding, 0.4 litre of jar to grind chutney or paste and spatula. It has full stainless steel disc blades which can cut and mix any hard ingredients.

Speed nozzles are of good quality and come with child interlocking system which can make sure that your children do NOT use this. It has dual pusher system, it make sure that your vegetable/fruits are processed properly.  It has 1000 watts of powerful motor, 3 years of warranty, and unique 7 step slicing blades. Making French fries, Atta Kneader, chopping and slicing vegetables, juicing, and mixing, dry / wet grinding will be done easily.

Click here to Check User Ratings and Latest Price of Morphy Richards Icon DLX.

Some customers have complained over smoke and noise upon use. But company claims that after little usage, the noise will disappear. You can call Morphy Richards customer care to get demo at home, click on below link to get the number.

#3 Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00

Philips Daily Collection HR7627Philips HR7627/00 is mini food processor from trusted brand like Philips. Just like Philips HR7629/90 food processor, this machine also uses PowerChop technology which has extra cutting angle blades, which provides best chopping and mixing of vegetables. Philips HR7627/00 has 2.1 litre of bowl and 5 levels stain less steel S-blades.

2 speed controls and S-Blades with 650 watts of motor make sure you can have best chop, slice, mince, cut and grind of all kind of vegetables/fruits. Philips used ABS type of plastic body, less breaking and high performance working. And its easy to clean and dish washer safe.

Click here to check User Ratings and Latest Price of Philips HR7627/00.

Philips HR7627/00 has no tool for citrus juicing, chopping and slicing are best; atta making is easiest thing to do now. Every work can be done in less than 3 minutes. If you are looking for small designed food processor, go with this Philips mini food processor.

#4 Bajaj FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor

Bajaj FX 11Bajaj FX11 food processor is another cheap priced food processor which has 3 different jar which you can use as per your convenient. 1.5 litre liquid jar used for juicing, 1.0 litre of multi function jar and 0.3 litre chutney jar. It also has Spatula for removing blades easily, without hurting yourself and with child lock. Making French fries, coconut scraping, mixing, atta kneading are processed efficiently.

Bajaj FX11 food processor has 600 watts of motor which can run at 18000rpm power, grinding and mixing is perfectly done with this motor. Also, Bajaj gives 5 year of motor warranty (and 2 years of product warranty).

Click here to Check User Ratings and Latest Price of Bajaj FX11.

If you want to save your time with Grinding, Juicing, Kneading, Scraping, Chopping and slicing, you must buy this food processor. Biggest drawback of Bajaj FX11 is, it does not do wet grinding and it does make noise.

#5 Inalsa Fiesta 650-Watt Food Processor

Inalsa FiestaInalsa Fiesta Food processor is new product in Indian market but got popular in short time. It has 4 segmented cutters, 4 function Stainless steel blades with Spatula to remove blades easily and child safely. It has 2 attachments, 1.5 litre of blender jar and 1 litre of multipurpose jar which help you to do all kind of work.

Inalsa Fiesta Mini Food processor has 650 watts of motor which consumes 220-240 volts of power. If you have small task to do and have small family, this food processor is perfect for you. Bajaj do provides detail guide on how to use it and how to make atta kneader, Egg whisker and how to chop vegetables using this food processor.

Click here to Check User Ratings and Latest Price of Inalsa Fiesta FP.

The plastic (fibre) quality of this product is not so good; also it does not have citrus juicer assembly. Jar lock also bit tricky to lock. Overall, its a good product in this price range. If you are looking for cheap option, you can go for this food processor.

These are the top 5 best food processors in India review. Now check out guide on how to choose the best food processor from 100s of brands.

How to choose the Best Food Processor?

To choose the food processor among the top 5 best list, you need to keep different things in mind. Below are some points we have shortlisted which need to be reviewed before buying food processor. Do read and buy your food processor;

  1. Purpose :- Normally, food processor are used to do things like Grinding, Juicing, Kneading, Scraping, Chopping, Shredding, Slicing. In Grinding Wet and Dry both kind of grinding are used. But some food processor only does dry grinding, for wet grinding you need extra machine. So, choose for what kind of work you need food process. All products has listed the kind of work for which they can be used.
  2. Plastic Material :- Many food processor or appliance companies are using cheap and waste plastic material. Go for ABS or Polycarbonate body type.
  3. Citrus Juicer Jar :- Many food processor do not provide Citrus juicer. With help of Citrus juicer, you can easily juice oranges and grapefruits. Do check out Citrus juicer before you buy.
  4. Child safety lock :- Child safety lock is used to avoid your child use food processor without your knowledge. Almost all food processor provides this but double check child safety lock.
  5. Jar Capacity: – if you have big family, you need big size jar, do check the jar size before you buy food processor. Mini food processor is good for small family of 4 people.

Year by year, there are many new food processors are been launched in India, but to give best product to users, we choosing the product which have been used by real users and being recommended. You can also check our reviews on electric kettle and induction cooktops of india. For more updates and review of latest kitchen appliance, keep visiting us.

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