Best Hand Blenders Review 2017 – Top Hand Blenders in India

Best Hand Blenders Review 2017 – Top Hand Blenders in India

Hand Blenders can enhance your kitchen by doing big task in minutes. Having a good hand blender is one of the most important requirements for today’s kitchen. And in Indian market, there is big range of hand blenders available in online market from all big brands. You can find Morphy Richards, Philips, Orpat, prestige and many more brands who have Best Hand Blenders. You can choose your hand blender as per your requirement from wide range of blenders. For crushing and big chopping, you always need Hand Blender in your kitchen. Here we are listing Top 5 Best Hand Blenders Review, Product Details, and Pros/Cons of blenders.

Top 5 Best Hand Blenders in India 2017

You can get Best Hand Blenders from Rs.1000-2000 price range (of big brands) easily. Here we have shortlisted the top 5 hand blenders from big range of blenders. We have shortlisted them on their price, user rating, features, and pros/cons. Now, check out the comparison table to choose best among top 5 blenders.

Morphy Richards Philips HR1350 Orpat HHB Prestige PHB 6 Bajaj Majesty
400 watts 250 watts 250 watts 200 watts 300 watts
2 year Warranty 2 year Warranty 1 year Warranty 1 year Warranty 2 year Warranty
With beaker & Whisker With beaker & measuring jar Only Blender With beaker & measuring jar With measuring jar

Many people compare hand blender with food processors. Well, food processor also does the mixing, crushing, chopping and almost all work, but hand blender has extra compatibility while working for small task. And the reason for many things, people prefer hand blender. Check out the detail review of the hand blenders;

Best Hand Blender Reviews 2017 – Top Blender – Morphy Richards HBCD SS

#1 Morphy Richards HBCD SS Hand Blender – Editor Choice

Morphy RichardsThis one from morphy Richards HBCD SS is one of the best and powerful hand blenders in market. It has 800 watts of powerful motor can easily crush and chop any spices, herbs, fruits, nuts and cheese easily. And it is quite easy to operate this hand blender.

Unlike other blenders, morphy Richards hand blender does not make much noise. It works silently and gives you best performance. To give you smooth work experience, it has 3 speed buttons which can be pressed easily. The upper handle of the blender has good grip, which gives you total control over the blender. And for long time, as Morphy Richards gives you 2 years of warranty.

Along with this amazingly designed blender, you will get measuring beaker and whisker. Using this beaker you can easily map out how much water you need to add or how much ingredients you need to add. No doubt, its bit costly but if you are looking for powerful and best performing blender, go for this one.

#2 Philips HR1350/C 250-Watt Hand Blender

philips hand blenderIf you find the above blender costly, and looking for budget option, Get this one from Philips. The biggest kitchen appliance manufacture Philips has given you best hand blender. 250 watts of powerful motor of Philips HR1350/C is good hand blender.

On our review, this hand blender has given best performance while making soups, purees and milk shakes. Though, we found the on/off switch is bit hard to press, was expecting bit soft button from big brand like Philips.

Philips has suggested not to use more than 30 seconds of continues usage. But it doesn’t heat up easily.  Its easy to clean, dishwasher safe, with plastic bar, you can use it for small mixing and grinding work too. Only 1 speed button is big drawback.

#3 Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender

orpat blenderOne of the most popular hand blender, Orpat HHB 100E WOB work amazingly. If you want hand blender for some easy works for saving time, small crushing/mixing work, than this is best hand blender. One of the big plus point about orpat hand blender is, its too cheap in price.

It has single push button to control speed, works easily, smoothly. It has 1800 RPM of 250 watts of motor which can easily grind and mix ingredients. The average good looking blender has 2 stainless steel blades. Its quite easy to use, and easy to clean too.

It has long enough cord attached with blender but the you will miss the grip you want while using this product. The upper handle is not having enough grips. We need good grip blenders has mostly our hands are wet during cooking.  But if you are using or buying it for first time, than go for it. its good entry level blender.

#4 Prestige PHB 6.0 200-Watt Hand Blender

prestige hand blenderThe 2nd most stylish hand blender after Morphy Richards. With Blending jar and whisking beaker, its perfect combo from one of the most trusted brand, prestige. Prestige has given spring loaded chopping blade in this blender which can easily chop and mix things easily.

We made butter milk using this blender and its worked perfectly. 200 watts of motor did perform well. The drawback we had in orpat is plus point with prestige. Yes, the hand grip is amazing with this blender. Prestige has taken care of this thing and designed very nice hand blender.

The issue with this blender is that the 200 watts of motor is not enough for long time work. If you use it for long time it will heats up. And the motor in hand blender is always placed at the top where we grip the blender. Some of the customers even said that they need extra cloth to use this blender, because of heating issue.

#5 Bajaj Majesty HB04 300-Watt Hand Blender

bajaj hand blenderBajaj’sHB04 hand blender is our last option to have. One of the most light weight hand blender with attractive design. Bajaj majesty has given 300 watts of motor with this blender. Full plastic shaft material is used to make this product.

In this blender, they have given single speed button, which is quite soft to press. But the blade given with this blender is not so sharp; Bajaj should have given good blades in this blender. Sometimes while mixing and crushing, the blades gets jam in blending jar, its hard to move the blade.

Though, it has good grip handle bar, gives you total control. Cleaning this blender is quite easy. Bajaj has given 2 years of warranty. Overall, product is good but one should look for other options available in this price range.

These are the top 5 hand blenders review. Hope we have helped you in buying hand blenders. For price and more details, click on the link given with the product. For more kitchen appliance review, keep visiting

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