Top 5 Best Microwave Oven REVIEW 2017 – Top Microwave Ovens India

Top 5 Best Microwave Oven REVIEW 2017 – Top Microwave Ovens India

Looking for Best Microwave Oven? Here is complete detail guide on how to buy best microwave oven, features to look for, price range of microwave ovens and list of best brands for microwave oven in India. As you know, there are many brands available in market for microwave oven. But, not all of them are good to buy. Also, it’s bit complex job for first time buyer to buy best microwave oven. So, here is Kitchen Raja’s guide on how to buy good microwave oven. We provide you honest reviews of microwave, with all pros and cons of the product.

Top 5 Best Microwave Oven in India

These are the top 5 best microwave oven currently available in the market. Now check the comparison table, where you can see the comparison of all microwave oven with each other for their features, price and user ratings.

IFB 20SC2 Morphy Richards 20MS Samsung Microwave Oven Bajaj Majesty 1603 LG MC2841SPS
1200 watts Power Consumption 1270 watts 1150 Watts 1200 watts 3100 watts
Convection Type Convection, SOLO Convection, SOLO Convection, Grill, Toaster Convection, Grill, Combination, Solo
20 liter 20 liter 20 liter 16 liter 28 liter
1 year of machine and 3 year of cavity 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Now check out the detail reviews of each microwaves, their Pros and Cons, usage, features and much more.

Review of Top 5 Best Microwave Oven – Top Choice – IFB 20SC2 Microwave Oven

IFB 20SC2 20 ltr-1200 watt Microwave Oven – Editor Choice

IFB 20SC2IFB 20SC2 is convection type microwave oven. Which means you can cook everything with this microwave oven. From tea/coffee, to pop corn, roasted papad, pizza, cake, brownies, kebabs etc. It also provides facility to cook food at multiple stage. With 10 power level and 10 temperature level, you can cook anything.

It comes with 24 auto cook menu reheat, bread snack, stuffed veg, beverages, rice, dessert, tandoori etc can be cooked with single button press.  Basic features like stainless steel cavity, LED Clock, child safety lock, weight defrost etc are also included.

This microwave oven have 1250 watts of grill power (heating capacity), and it consumes 230 volts of operating voltage and 20 litre of capacity. IFB gives 3 years of warranty and with this microwave oven, you will get Daffodil, idli stand, square cook, roti crisper and ladle.

Morphy Richards 20MS 20-Litre Solo Microwave

Morphy Richards 20MSMorphy Richards 20MS is mid price range microwave oven with bit less features than IFB 20SC2 but works perfectly for cooking everything. It is just you need to do something’s manually. This microwave uses 5 power levels to cook different dishes. Things you can make are cakes, cookies, pizza, roasted papad, roti, tadoori everything just use the different power levels.

Morphy Richards provides power coated cavity, LED timer and auto switch off on overheat/sensory protection for your food with this microwave oven. It has 1270 watts of power grill heating and 800 watts of power output. And 20 litre of capacity is good enough to prepare food for 4-5 people in one go.

If you find the features are hard to operate, don’t worry, Morphy Richards will give you free Demo at home, just call their customer care number and they will provide you free demo. If you are buying for reheating purpose, this microwave oven is best and value for money.

Samsung Microwave Oven 20-Litre 800-Watt MW73AD-B/XTL Solo

Samsung Microwave OvenSamsung Microwave Oven comes with unique Triple distribution system, which means this microwave oven has got 2 extra antennas which ensure 3 angles heating for your food. It does prepare food quickly than any other single aperture antenna microwave.

Also, it has Eco button feature which saves approx 40% of power with using standby power to cook. The unique and attractive design of Samsung Microwave Oven will defiantly like you. The unique design of this oven, has no inner corner, it’s easy to clean and door screen is wide and with LED Digital Clock.

It comes with Common features like child safety lock and temperature controls. 20 liter of capacity with 800 watts of power output, can cook anything. The one best feature you will like is ‘rapid defrost’ which defrost your frozen foods in seconds. Samsung provides 1 year of product warranty with 1 grill rack and 1 turn table with it.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj Majesty 1603Bajaj Majesty 1603 is perfect microwave oven who is looking for entry level oven. Its a basic microwave oven, in budget and also work as toaster too. Bajaj oven cum toaster has 16 liters of capacity and very compact design. You can manually select and set the temperature up to 250 degree.  Baking, grilling and toasting can be done with this microwave oven.

You need to select the type of things you want to cook with its easy knobs and set the timer up to 60 seconds. This oven can easily make sandwich, toasts and homemade pies within minutes. With 1200 watts of power, you can cook everything which a costly microwave oven does. Yes, its a entry level microwave oven, so it’s quite cheap too. But it has quite rich look.

With this oven, you also get baking tray, grill rack for toasting, tong, and crumb tray and skewer rods with Bajaj Majesty 1603 Microwave oven. We have tested and found that this microwave oven can make chocolates, pizza, baked chicken, grilling chicken, potato wages, banana wedges, hassle back, and garlic bread within minutes.

LG MC2841SPS 28-Litre 3100-Watt Convection Microwave Oven

LG MC2841SPSWe are including this option as many people are looking for big option which have all the features, lot more auto cook menu, more power levels and which does thing automatically. LG MC2841SPS is one of the costly but value for money microwave oven available in market. It is costly because it has super advance features, big capacity and does multiple things.

LG MC2841SPS has 131 auto cook menu, so just need to click on the button you want to cook, put the ingredients in the microwave oven and it will be ready within minutes.  Also, it has 87 Indian auto cook now menu too. It can be used for convection, grill, and solo and combination mode.

It has 5 power levels and 3100 watts of power, can easily cook any food you want.  Operating voltage is 220-240 volts which is good enough. Get high rack, low rack; start up kit, recipe book (to prepare food from microwave oven), cookery classes, and 1 year LG warranty card with LG Microwave oven.

These are the list of top 5 best microwave oven and their reviews. Now check out kitchen raja safety tips while using microwave oven and benefits of using microwave oven.

Benefits of using Microwave oven

  • Time saving: – You can cook very speedily, Just put the ingredients in the microwave and set the timer, that it.
  • Reheating of food is easy: – Easy to warm foods, reheating of any food can be done in 60 seconds.
  • Design: – Microwave are designed so uniquely that it’s quite Easy to clean.
  • Health: – You get more nutrition and vitamins with the food cooked in microwave oven. It will take care of your health too.
  • Safe: – Your hands dose not catches fire, so it’s quite safe to use.
  • No Need to look after cooking: – Just put the bowl of ingredients in the microwave oven and it will cook food automatically. No need to keep watching the stove. And mean time you can do some other things.

Safety Tips (while Using Microwave Oven)

Once you buy the microwave oven from above link, don’t get instantly start using it. No doubt, its quite safe to use it but some precaution need to be taken while using it. Below is some tips which you need to take care while using microwave oven.

  • Don’t use metal or plastic bowls to cook foods in microwave oven. Only use cookware which is made for microwave oven.
  • Though, the grill of microwave oven does not catch heat but always use hand gloves while taking food out of microwave oven.
  • Don’t try to play with microwave oven and try new things, just use as it is mentioned in user manual. Read the user manual before starting microwave.
  • Call the service provide or electrician in case if you see any spark.
  • Follow the rules mentioned in user manual.
  • Raw eggs and liquids may burst up due to stress build up of steam.

These are some important safety tips and benefits of using microwave oven. Hope you enjoy cooking with microwave oven, but at the same time, follow the safety tips.

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