Top 6 Best Mixer Grinder Review 2017 – Review and Comparison

Top 6 Best Mixer Grinder Review 2017 – Review and Comparison

Person who works in kitchen daily, only can understand the need of good mixer grinder in kitchen. If you have best mixer grinder in your kitchen, half of your work would be done in few seconds. Yes, if you can observe in your kitchen, to prepare any dishes, you need something to mix and grind, and the reason, mixer grinder is one of the much needed appliance in kitchen. A good mixer grinder is perfect partner of good chef in kitchen. Below is list of top 5 best mixer grinders which suits all your requirements.

Top 6 Best Mixer Grinders in India 2017

These are the top 5 best mixer grinders available in Indian market right now. Normally, people go to shop and buy any one which ever suggested by the shopkeeper. But now, you can have your own choice of mixer grinder as we are suggesting you the best one with our review and research. We have also considered people’s review while short listing mixer grinder for you.

Below is comparison table of top 5 mixer grinder, choose the best one which suits your requirements and budget;

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder Philips HL1632 Prestige Hero Panasonic MX-AC400 Butterfly Matchless
3 Jar 3 Jar 3 Jar 4 Jar 3 Jar
3 Mixer Grinder Jar 3 Mixer Grinder Jar 3 Mixer Grinder Jar 3 Mixer + 1 Juicer 3 Mixer + 1 Juicer
3 speed control 3 speed control 3 speed control 3 speed control 3 speed control
1 year Warranty 2 year Warranty 2 year Warranty 2 year Warranty (5 years on motor) 3 year Warranty

Top Mixer Grinder 2017 – Top Choice: Panasonic MX-AC400

Below we have reviewed all high rating mixer grinders of India. if you are looking for cheap, high quality and long durable mixer grinder, do check out our review, hope it will help you to find best product.

#1 Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX AC400 mixer grinder is having super powerful heavy duty motor. If you have big family and want to use mixer grinder above average, or you are using mixer grinder most frequently, you can go for Panasonic MX-AC 400 mixer grinder which has high speed motor that mixes and grinds the fruits and vegetables at high speed.

Panasonic mixer grinder has 4 jars (not 3) , starting from 1Litre of jar to 200ML of short small jar, you can have multiple jar for multipurpose. It has inbuilt circuit breaker system which can enhance your safety. Not so common, Panasonic mixer grinder has samurai edge blades which can cuts hard chunks in seconds and gives you best mixing and grinding experience.

It is easy to clean and easy to use. It has 4 speed controls, which can gives you faster mixing and grinding. Panasonic provides 2 years of manufacture product warranty and 5 years motor warranty. Below is link to buy it now.

Note:- Panasonic mixer grinder was on #3 in 2016, but it get more popular in 2017, and jumped to #1 spot.

Pros: –

  • Safety features
  • 5 year motor warranty
  • Unique design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 4 different Jars

Cons :-

  • Costly

#2 Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars – Editors Choice

This was top mixer grinder in 2016 and remains top in 2017 too. Bajaj Mixer Grinder is our Top choice among all available other mixer grinders in market. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder comes with 3 Jars. 3 Jar has different capacity; one is for liquidizing (1.25 litre), 0.88 litre multipurpose jar and 0.3 litre jar for ‘chutney’. Bajaj Mixer Grinder has plastic body and stainless steel jars. It has 3 speed control and easy knobs to control speed. If you want to do mix vegetables, want to make juice, or want to make chutney, you can do all things with Bajaj Rex Mixer grinder.

Each of the jar has different functional blade system which enhance your grinding and mixing easily. And each jar has overload protector which cannot let the mixture get out of jar and gives you clean working experience with mixture grander.

Bajaj Rex Mixer grinder is one of the best and budget mixer grinder and one of the most sold product. So, you are looking for budget product to add in your kitchen, well than Bajaj Mixer Grinder is for you. Even if you want to gift someone, you can go for this 500 watts of mixer grinder. Bajaj gives 1 year of warranty (manufacture). Click on below link to check the latest discount price of bajaj mixer grinder.

Pros :-

  • Multipurpose
  • In budget
  • 3 different capacity jars
  • Easy to wash

Cons: –

  • Old Design
  • Knob quality is not so good

#3 Philips HL1632 500-Watt 3 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder with Fruit Filter

Philips HL1632Here comes the best kitchen appliance company’s mixer grinder. Philips HL1632 Mixer Grinder comes at very good price with nice features. It takes maximum juice from vegetables and fruits. Unlike other mixer grinder, Philips mixer grinder comes with fruit filter which can easily juice even hard fruits too. So, you don’t need to cut fruits into pieces.  Also, fruit filters separates seeds and skin of veg/fruits.

500 watts of capacity, 3 different jars and tough blade functioning make sure that it works for each vegetables and fruits. Apart from mixing and grinding, powerful motor of Philips HL1632 also do juicing and pureeing. It has compact design; yes Philips has designed it so well that it requires very less space. Stainless steel blades, 230 volts operating voltage and 4.9 kg of weight, it’s a perfect for your kitchen.

As mentioned, it has 3 jars, 1.5 Litre, 1 Litre and 0.3 litre, which can help you to do multiple things, mixing, chutney, blending and many more things. Below is link to check discount price of Philips mixer grinder.

Pros :-

  • Unique compact design
  • 2 years of warranty
  • 3 perfect capacity jars
  • Easy to clean

Cons :-

  • Noisy
  • Plastic body is not so good.

#4 Prestige Hero 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige HeroIf you have small kitchen space and want to make way for new mixer grinder, Prestige hero mixer ginder is for you. It has most compact flow breaker design, and has all the features which one mixer grinder should have. Prestige is one of the best brand in kitchen appliance and 2nd best in electronic appliance.  This mixer grinder has speed control, 3 Jars for multipurpose, LED power indicator, water drain outlet, and all other basic features.

This mixer grinder, prestige hero consumes 550 watts of power, at minimum power, it can serves you the best kitchen essentials, which you like to have it. If you are using mixer grinder for the first time, you won’t feel new, as prestige how to use this mixer grinder booklet and also it is easy to use.

Below is link to check latest price, just click on it and you can see the discount price of prestige mixer grinder.

Pros: –

  • Compact design
  • In budget
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Sturdy handles


  • Poor Knobs quality
  • Entry level mixer grinder with basic features

#5 Butterfly Matchless 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

Butterfly MatchlessWith its elegant design, it will surely attract you to have one in your kitchen. Extra lock at each jar and attractive, transparent jar will help you to work better with it. Butterfly mixer grinder comes with 4 Jars, 3 stainless steel for mixing and grinding and 1 Juicer jar. So, you don’t to buy juicer separately if you are buying butterfly juicer.

Now if you want to make breakfast or chutney or juice or anything, you have butterfly mixer grinder which will do it everything, whatever you say. It has 3 speed controls (with extra good knobs) with LED light indicators to enhance your work experience. You can get this mixer grinder in gray and black color easily.

Unlike, other mixer grinder brands, butterfly mixer grinder provides 3 years of warranty. It is international brand and the reason they made this product with international standards. Click on the below link to buy it in discount price.

Pros :-

  • Good attractive design
  • Super fast
  • 4 Jars with juicer
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Soundless

Cons :-

  • Costly

Watch out video review of Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder, it is in hindi, hope it helps you.

#6 Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder – (BONUS Review)

Preethi Zodiac 218 Mixer GrinderPreethi is getting popular brand in India in last few months for kitchen appliance. And here is another mixer grinder from Preethi which is being appreciated by many users. In category of 750 watts mixer grinder, preethi zodiac 218 has good numbers of positive reviews and good numbers of features as well, which will surprise you all. Due to special request by users, we have been including this product in our top mixer grinder list.

Preethi has used W5 motor, which gives powerful performance at minimum cost. it has 3 in 1 juicer jar, which can be used with its centrifugal juicer for blending/ juicing or for extractor. Company has given 4 different jar with this mixer grinder, which you can use it for different purpose. Jar’s like chutney jar, master chef jar, juicer jar, and one common use jar has been attached.

Preethi has used such powerful stainless steel blades with all jar, that are capable of cutting everything and gives fast result. The preethi has taken care of safety very well, they have given different indicators like orange light for overload. Its a shock proof, reliable and easy to use product. It has got 5 years warranty on motor and 2 years warranty on over all product.

You can use this mixer grinder for making indian dishes. Atta kneading, chopping, slicing, grating, meat mincing can be done in minutes with this mixer grinder.

Pros :-

  • Powerful and smooth performance.
  • 4 multipurpose jars
  • 750 watts of motor with 5 year warranty
  • Very nice design.

Cons :-

  • Costly.
  • Cleaning it is big task.

These are the Top 5+1 Best Mixer Grinders you can buy in India. Below is tutorial on how to choose best mixer grinder, and things you can do with mixer grinder.

What can be mixed and grinder in Mixer Grinder?

To use mixer Grinder, you can do following things with your mixer grinder. Like if you want to make breakfast, you can make idli- dosa chutney, sause, tamato purees and sambhar powder or garam masala powder too at home using mixer grinder. As you can see, almost all mixer grinder provides minimum 3 jars for multipurpose things. You can do almost all things with mixer grinder. Either you want to mix vegetables, or want to make milk juice, or want to make butter milk, you can use mixer grinder at best to make it in minutes.

These are the things you can do with your mixer grinder at home.

How to choose Best Mixer Grinder India?

In 2017, there are many new mixer grinders are being launched. But, the customers are still trusting old brands like Panasonic, Bajaj, Philips, Prestige only. So, to choose best mixer grinder, you need to decide purpose to use it. If you are buying it for making juice, better to buy juicer than mixer grinder. If you are buying small one or bigger one, capacity and price also does matter. Do check out below one by one, things to keep in mind while buying good mixer grinder.

Family Size: – Most of the mixer grinder comes in liter capacity. So, If you have 4 members of family, 2 litre of mixer grinder is good for you. If you have frequent users or want to use it daily, you can go for big capacity mixer grinder and with heavy motor capacity.

Features: – Some mixer grinder does provide some unique features like LED lights at speed control knob or some uses auto clean. Check out the blade quality and body of mixer grinder. Your mixer grinder JAR must have stainless steel body as with functioning with blades, it may got heat and plastic body may burn, so go for stainless steel body jars.

Budget: – The best Mixer Grinder price starts from Rs.1800/- and available till Rs.5000/-. If you are buying it for the first time, you can go with entry level mixer grinder which has almost all basic features and it is good for small 4 member of family.

Brand: – Mostly one should not focus on brand name but good brand does have good after sales support too. Like Bajaj Mixer grinder provides 2 years of warranty while butterfly mixer grinder provides 3 years of warranty and some brand do provide 5 years of warranty on motor. Choose the best one which suits your pocket as well as your home.

These are the things you need to keep in mind while checking for the best mixer grinder. you can also check food processor and microwave oven reviews as well. If you have any question or query, you can comment below, we will try to answer them. Thank you!

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