Top 5 Best Pressure Cooker in India 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

Top 5 Best Pressure Cooker in India 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

Do you want to buy Pressure cooker?

In India, pressure cookers are quite popular to cook rice and other dishes. Pressure cooker helps to get the things done in short time. Like, if you want to cook rice, or cake, you need sealed environment where you can cook it as it create the pressure and create more pressure, high temperature and uses the gas energy at best.

There are many good pressure cookers are available in India, we have shortlisted Top 10 Best pressure cookers below, you can compare them before buy it online;

Top 5 Best Pressure Cooker in India 2017

Prestige Aluminium Pressure Cooker Hawkins Contura Hard Pressure Cooker Prestige Glass Lid Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Pigeon All in One Super Cooker
Capacity :- 2 to 16 liter option Capacity :- 1.5 liters to 5 liters option Capacity :- 5 liter Capacity :- 3.3 liters and 4.8 liters Capacity :- 5 liter
Warranty: - 5 years Warranty: - 5 years Warranty: - 5 years Warranty: - 5 years Warranty: - 5 years
Aluminium Cooker Aluminium Cooker Aluminium Cooker Hard Anodised Hard Anodised Aluminium

As you can see, we have listed the top, high rated pressure cookers for you. Just click on them to check their features, price and more. There are brands like prestige, pigeon, Hawkins, which has given best quality product in pressure cooker range. The biggest advantage of using cooker is that it boils water at 100 degree temperature, and in total safe environment. It stops the air flow (only allows when you want). It gives proper control to temperature and air, which helps to make delicious dishes in no time.

What are the different types of pressure cooker available in India?

From rice to vegetables to idlli, you need different kind of pressure cookers in India and they are available online easily. There are mainly two types of pressure cooker available in India, do check out;

Stainless Steel Cookers

This are less popular but has good health benefits to prepare food in steel appliance. it is made of steel material, heavy in weight and long durable. But since steel cannot take heat directly, choose the pressure cooker with non-stick base or aluminium bottom.

Aluminium pressure cookers

Aluminium type of pressure cookers are cheap in price, light weight and more popular in India. It takes more heat, heat up quickly, but only preferable if you have less usage as aluminium don’t take heat for long time. For more continues usage, go with stainless steel pressure cooker. Also using aluminium cooker, it is very less chance that your food get burn.

So, which type of cooker is better? Well, it’s not only dependable on type, there are many more features you need to look for, like its regulator, handles, interlock, material and price as well. Now check out the close reviews of top 5 pressure cookers.

Top 5 Best Pressure Cooker in India [Reviews]

As have mentioned above, there are many brands pressure cooker is available in India, which you can use it for daily usage, do check out some of our editor’s shortlisted cookers with their feature explanation.

#1 Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure CookerIf you want cheap price, long durable aluminium Pressure Cooker for daily use, you can go with prestige popular aluminium Pressure Cooker. This pressure cooker is widely used, highest rating cooker with lowest price in this category. It has unique base which heats up quickly.

It has virgin aluminium body, and comes with gasket release system which provides greater safety. It’s metallic safety plug release steam only when pressure goes above safety level. While it has double handles which provides you greater strength to hold it for long.

It is ISI marko cooker from of the most known kitchen appliance brand, prestige. Prestige also provides you 5 years warranty on this cooker and instruction manual for how to use it.

Capacity :-From 2 liters to 16 liters option available.

Material type :- Aluminium

Warranty :- 5 years.

#2 Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure CookerAnother Aluminium cooker with good design and from good popular brand. Hawkins pressure cookers are known for the quality and great performance. Its attractive design will makes it little rich and looks good in kitchen.

It has stainless steel lid, and black body which helps it to heats up quickly. Hawkins has used curved body for easy stirring. The wide mouth gives better visibility under cooker, and you can easily remove food from cooker.

The handles used by Hawkins are too strong and has good grip as well. You can buy this cooker from 1.5 liter to 5 liter option. Hawkins provides 5 year warranty to this cooker and great customer service as well.

Capacity :-From 1.5 liters to 5 liters option available.

Material type :- Aluminium

Warranty :- 5 years.

#3 Prestige Clip On Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Glass Lid

Prestige Clip On Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Glass LidThis is new type of aluminium cooker from prestige. It comes with glass lid, one can fit it in any position, close it safely. This pressure cooker of prestige is safer and ensures more safety. Its perfect pressure cooker for steam, fry and sauté.

It has unique ladle holder, you can easily carry and hold it easily with two handles. You don’t need to serve the food in other bowl; you can directly use this cooker to dining table and serve the food. And above all, you can use this cooker with induction top and gas stove as well.

Prestige is giving this ISI mark product, 5 years warranty. You will get 1 5 liter capacity cooker and 1 glass lid with this package. Its modern way to cook, do try it.

Capacity:-5 liters.

Material type: – Aluminium

Warranty: – 5 years.

#4 Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Hard Anodized Pressure Handis

Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Hard Anodized Pressure HandisIf you are looking for handi cooker which helps you to make delicious vegetable mix, here we have found a good option for you. Prestige Deluxe plus cooker has good indicators, it has good design and in budget as well.

The indication buttons provides clear pressure of cooker, and it also has precision weight valve as well. Controlled GRS and Hard Anodised material gives perfect combination for this advance pressure cooker.

Its heavy body make sure that you get perfect heat up vegetable and you can have delicious food. It has 2 capacity option available, 3.3 liters and 4.8 liters and both in black color option. you can use this cooker on induction as well.

Capacity:- 3.3 liters and 4.8 liters.

Material type: – Hard Anodised

Warranty: – 5 years.

#5 Pigeon All in One Super Cooker

Pigeon All in One Super CookerA unique cooker from pigeon which has 3 different top for 3 different functionality. It too has handi shape cooker, helps you to cook rice, vegetables or chicken as well. This pot is made of virgin Aluminium and has scratch resistance body.

It has 5 liter capacity (though it is available in 3 liter option as well), you can use its one glass lid, one top with different holes on top and one simple steel top helps you to cook different dishes. The glass lid is made of toughened glass.

It has unique strainer which can be used for ease draining hot water after boiling. Pigeon too has good credit in kitchen appliance and they are known for their good service.

Capacity:- 5 liters.

Material type: – aluminium

Warranty: – 5 years.

How to select the best pressure cooker ?

If you are confused on how to select best one, do follow our guide which will help you to choose one.

Model: – always go for the latest model of pressure cooker, old designed and old material won’t help you much to save time and money.

Safety Marks: – though, cookers are safe to use, no issue with them at all, but we prefer to go with ISI mark products only. Look for ISI mark products while you but it.

Quality of handles: – Since, handle is the place by which you can handle the hot cooker. So, it is necessary that pressure cooker’s handle should be of strong and high quality, which does not broke easily.

Dishwasher safe: – if you are using dishwasher to clean kitchen appliance, do check if your new pressure cooker is dishwasher safe or not. You can check best dishwasher reviews if you want to buy one.

Design and Price: – These things are option, but if you want smart appliance, you need to spend little more. In low price tag, you need to compromise with your design and features of pressure cooker.

Conclusion :- A Best Pressure Cooker can reduce your cooking time (up to 1/3rd), saves your time and money, allows you to cook tasty meals, healthy food, and uses less energy to cook. We have reviewed some of the high rated cookers here.

Our editor has recommended to go with Prestige Aluminium Pressure Cooker as it fits in budget, has good quality and highly appreciated by users.

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