Top 5 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and Deals | Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and Deals | Buying Guide

Everyone likes to have clean car interior. If you have mess, dust in your car, its not good for your health and for your car too. So, to have good clean car interior, we must have good car vacuum cleaner. Because of the corner side design of car, there are many corners where dust is hidden and which cannot be cleaned with manual cleaning. Our hand cannot reach the micro holes and micro corners of car stereo, steering, car seat covers and many more places. So, having a good car vacuum cleaner can help you to clean your car easily and properly.

Top 5 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

There are many high price and low price car vacuum cleaners are available in market. With many good brands like Eureka Forbes, Black & Decker, Bergmann and many more. But to choose among the best of these brands, we need to have good buying guide. So, we have shortlisted and presented here the buying guide for Indian car lovers, for how to choose the best car vacuum cleaners, which are the best car vacuum cleaners, reviews, pros and cons and much more.

Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Black & Decker ACV1205 Bergmann Hurricane Hi-Power Coido 6132 Philips MiniVac FC6130
18 feet long Cord Long enough 3 meter 3 meter 7 meter
Suction & Blower Suction Only Suction Only Suction, Blower, Tyre Inflator and Pressure Gauge Suction Only
2.5 Kg Weight 898 g 880 g 1.4 Kg 2.2 kg
1 year warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty 2 years warranty

Reviews of Top Car Vacuum Cleaners – Top Choice – Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus

We have chosen the top vacuum cleaners by their performance, price, features and user ratings. For best car, we must have good vacuum cleaners which can clean your car properly and gives you best value of your money. Here we have given short reviews of each car vacuum cleaners we shortlisted, do check and buy the best one.

Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus Car Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Easy Clean PlusAfter our research, we found Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus is best car vacuum cleaner in india. With These features and performance, this is best good vacuum cleaner for your car. Also, you get good brand with eureka forbes, which you can trust. This vacuum cleaner easily clean and gives best performance while cleaning the car.

This car vacuum cleaner does suction and blowing work easily. Its light weight and easy to work. There is small dust cup is given at vacuum cleaner, which can easily suck one time cleaning of any four wheeler.  One of the best thing about this vacuum cleaner is that you got 18ft long cord with this product. So, you can easily plugin this vacuum in home and clean your car at parking space.

You will get 5 different accessories (Hose, brush, upholstery brush, and floor and carpet brush) for multiple cleaning works. You can easily clean your car in 15 minutes and have well air/clean space in car. Its powerful vacuum cleaner of 800 watts, which even you, can also use to clean your home.

Black & Decker ACV1205 12 Volt DC Cyclonic

Black & Decker ACV1205Another Good car vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker. This vacuum cleaner is similar to Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus, same accessories, price and look. The only difference is that you get more lightweight product for cleaning your car. Compared to Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus, this is quite handy and light weight. Also, this vacuum cleaner uses twin action filtration system.

Also, this does not work as blower. Only suction work can be done, which is ideal for car cleaning. Black and Decker have given enough length of chord and the socket can be easily attached in your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

Black & Decker ACV1205 is works on 12 volts of operating voltage. This is only work for car, you cannot use it for home cleaning. You will get Crevice tool (long and short), pouch, and fabric – carpet brush. Also, 1 year warranty from Black & Decker.

Just attach it with your car’s lighter plug and you can easily clean your car. And you can carry it where you want, with your car.

Bergmann Hurricane Hi-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Hurricane Hi-PowerBergmann Hurricane is small 12V car vacuum cleaner which works with your car’s lighter plug only. Its one of the most light weight and powerful vacuum cleaner. Also, it is quite cheaper than black and decker /eureka forbes. 100 watts power of this vacuum cleaner can easily suck 510 gram of dust easily.

This vacuum cleaner also does suction work only; you cannot use it as blower. Bergmann Hurricane has given 4 different brushes to easily clean your car. You will get nozzle, hose pipe, fabric brush and carpet brush along with this vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner has used HEPA filter technology which is quite Morden and high quality technology.  The company Bergmann Hurricane has used ABS material for this product and given 3 meter long wire to plugin and use it easily. Price benefits and advance features, these two reason we choose this as best vacuum cleaner for your car.

Coido 6023 Car Vacuum Cleaner, Tyre Inflator and Pressure Gauge

Coido 6023Coido’s vacuum cleaner is also good vacuum cleaner for your car. Like above two, this vacuum cleaner is also having 12 volt of power to suction dust. Company claims to have strong vacuum power and for washable filter.

In practical, it took 15 min to clean our car with this vacuum cleaner. It has air pump (inflator) which you can use to fill the air in Tyres. And it performs very well there too. You can fill air of any car in india. It has good length of wire to attach it with. And Pressure Gauge can accurately check the air pressure of your car Tyre.

You can wash this too and use it mobile. Just plugin it with your car’s cigarette charger and you can start using it. We even fill air in our active moped too, worked well.

Philips MiniVac FC6130 900-Watt Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Philips MiniVacIn home appliance, you can always find Philips. Philips is good brand and has very nice products for home and kitchen appliance. Using HEPA outlet filter, this vacuum cleaner from Philips is also good one. Though, it’s little bit costly than other car vacuum cleaners but having good features too.

The quality of handle, brush and hose is excellent. Compared to other vacuum cleaners, this is good. Philips has used 3 stage dust cleaning process. Also, after cleaning, you can easily empty the dust cup with single click feature.

Its 900 watts of powerful vacuum cleaner, and 7 meter of cord length. Only used for suction, no blower. Bit high weight (2.2 kg), but good customer service of Philips. Also, Philips has given 2 years of warranty with this cleaner.

These are the top 5 best car vacuum cleaner review. Hope we have suggested you the best vacuum cleaners for your car. If you have any query or suggestion, you can post it on below comment box, thank you!

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