[Recipe] How to Make Green Tea in 5 Easy Steps? | Health Benefits

[Recipe] How to Make Green Tea in 5 Easy Steps? | Health Benefits

Instead of the traditional milk/sugar tea, people nowadays prefer green tea. Well, nothing wrong it that. There are so many health benefits associated with Great tea that if you know them, you will start having green tea from very next day. Some of the benefits like it help you to lower your cholesterol level, to improve your immunity power, and also lower the risk of heart attack. Many people want to change over to Green tea, but they don’t know how to make Green Tea. So, here we have answered them and prepared recipe of how to make green tea in 5 easy steps.

how to make green teaDo check out the below mentioned steps to make green tea in 5 easy steps, Try it now;

Total Time needed: – 5 mins (for two people)

Things needed to prepare Green Tea

Unlike normal milk tea, Green Tea does not need milk, sugar and all. It has needed very simple ingredients. We have listed below the list of Ingredients you needed to prepare green tea. We are listing the Ingredients as its better to have all of them before you prepare your 1st green tea.

  • Green Tea Leaves :- 1 table Spoon (you can order it online or can buy from local market)
  • Drinking Water :- 1 Cup
  • Honey :- As per your taste (1 – 2 spoon is enough)
  • Fresh Juice of Lemon as per your taste

These are the things we needed to prepare your 1st green tea. Now without wasting time, lets make it 1st cup of green tea.

Method to Make Green Tea – How to Make Green Tea

Do follow below mentioned steps carefully, and if you get confused, don’t worry, Read it again.

Step #1 :- First of all, we need boiled water, 1 cup of water. If you have electric kettle in your kitchen, you can make it easily. If you don’t have kettle, don’t worry boil it on gas stove. But don’t boil till boiling point, just switch off the boiling as before the boiling point.

Step #2 :- Add one tablespoon of Green Tea leaves in boiled water. After adding green tea leaves, brew it for 2-3 minutes. Make sure you don’t brew it for more than 2-3 minutes. It may bitter your green tea taste.

Step #3 :- Strain the green tea in to the cup.

Step #4 :- Add honey as per your taste in green tea cup. Also, add few drops of lemon juice to have better taste.

Step #5 :- If you like to add, than you can add 2-3 leave of mint in green tea, it will give you better taste.

Please note: –

  • Do not add milk or sugar in green tea. Its green tea, healthy tea, sugar is not good for your health.
  • You can also use Green Tea bags, which is easily available in market. Just put the green tea bags in boiled water, and brew it slowly.
  • We recommended you to not boil water too much as it will bitter your green tea taste.
  • Use transparent glass cup to get more attractive look.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

There are so many health benefits associated with green tea that most of you don’t know. Here we have mentioned few health benefits of green tea, hope it inspires you to have your 1st cup of green tea.

#1:- people who are trying lose weight, must try green tea. There is polyphenol in green tea which reduces the fat oxidation in your body. It simply increase metabolism.

#2:- Green tea helps in controlling your glucose level. Also, helps in reducing sugar level in your blood. For diabetic patient, green tea is must.

#3:- As mentioned above, it reduces the cholesterol level and reduce the heart attack risk and also saves you from heart disease.

#4:- Having normal milk/sugar tea can damage your gems and teeth in long time. But opposite of that, green tea kills bacteria and improve the health of teeth. Green tea also lowers the risk of infection.

#5:- You can control the blood pressure with regular dose of green and also reduce the depression level.

These are the health benefits of green tea and tutorial for how to make green tea. Hope it helps you to improve your health. For more recipe and kitchen appliance review, keep visiting Kitchenraja.net.

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