Meaning and Full Form of RO, UV, UF and TDS – Water Quality

Meaning and Full Form of RO, UV, UF and TDS – Water Quality

If you are thinking to Buy Water purifier, you must have come across the terms like RO, UV, UF and TDS etc. But many of us ignores such terms while buying any water purifier. And we simply go with the water purifier suggested by sales person. But now you don’t need to buy it blindly, here is our guide on full form plus meaning of each type of water purifiers.  Below is given meaning and full form of each of the water purifier technologies.

Full Form of RO, UV, UF and TDS

  • RO :- Reverse Osmosis
  • UV :- Ultraviolet
  • UF :- Ultra Filtration
  • TDS :- Total Dissolved Solids

Why we required understanding these terms before buying Water Purifier?

Kent Gold OptimaWell, RO-UV and UF are type of water purifiers.  Yes, the water your drink is imported from river directly, and there are many bacteria and germs are present in the water which can harm your body and health.  But the problem is not all homes/area of the city get same quality of water. Some area has more UV in drinking water, while some has more sulfur, chloride and etc.

So, to check the water quality, water purifier company use TDS machine, this checks bacteria level in your water, and depends on that, you are suggested to buy water purifier. So, next time when you buy water purifier machine, do check the TDS level in your home drinking water.

Tip: – if the water you get from River has removed contamination, you do not need RO water purifier; you can use simple water purifier.

Meanings of RO, UV, UF and TDS

Now let’s check out the meanings of each of the terms, so it will help you better to get Best Water Purifier for your home.


RO means Reverse Osmosis. Its a latest technology in which dissolved solids and TDS has been removed from the drinking water. The normal water has been passed with pressure from RO membrane. In this process, RO purifier will eliminate lots of hard water and gives you soft water. Around 1liter drinkable water has been produced from 3 liter normal water with help of RO purifier.

Not all home requires RO purifier, do check the TDS level before you buy RO purifier.


UV means Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet water purifiers remove one of the deadliest bacteria. It uses UV radiators and eliminates microorganisms and contaminants. The UV water purifier passes the normal water from UV radiation tube and purifies the water. It is highly recommended to use UV water purifier only after checking the TDS level.


UF means Ultra Filtration. This water purifier is used to remove suspended solids, large molecular, weight materials and other dispersed material from normal water. All these bacteria are very harmful to human body. Ultra Filtration water purifier works without electricity and uses Hollow fiber threaded membrane to purify water.

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids

This is not water purifier, but its group of some nutrition and bacteria.  There are certain dissolved solids presents in normal water like calcium, chloride, nitrate, sulfur, iron and many other dissolved solids. Not all of them are harmful, in fact in some portion, all them are require having healthy life. So, water Purifier Company uses TDS as milestone to check quality of water.

Hope now you have understood meaning of all the terms related to water purifier. We hope, we have explained correctly. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to ask.

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