[Review] Best Nicer Dicer Plus – Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

[Review] Best Nicer Dicer Plus – Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

If you want to chop or slice multiple vegetables at single time, or you have to cut many vegetables for cooking food for long list of guest, what to do? In such cases, a cook need vegetable cutting tool. And here we bring you online list of Best Nicer Dicer Plus vegetable cutting tools which will help you to cut any vegetables you want. Using Nicer Dicer Plus, you can easily cut of slice any vegetables, like Onion, Carrot, Cucumber, tomato, potato, ladyfinger and many more vegetables.

Why we need Nicer Dicer Plus?

Well, only a cook can understand things thing. That, you cannot cut all the vegetables with knives or same blade. No doubt, there are good vegetable cutter and Fruit cutters also available in online market. But there are some shortcomings of such tools. But Nicer Dicer Plus solves your problem.

Nicer Dicer Plus is new kind of tool which designed to cut multiple vegetables easily. Nicer Dicer Plus has so many different blades, like zig zag blades, square blades, patato slicer, big/small holes of blades and much more. At lest, you can get 9-10 different blades with Nicer Dicer Plus. So, the problem of having single blade is solved by this tool. Also, this nicer dicer has long handle or comfortable handle to hold it while doing veggies cutting.

Which is Best Nicer Dicer Plus in Online Market?

If you want to buy nicer dicer plus, you can read reviews of top 2 Nicer Dicer plus which will help you to get your cutting job easily. Below are short reviews of two Nicer Dicer plus Veg cutting tools.

Ritu 12-in-1 Multipurpose Chipser Slicer

You can do Diceing Cutting, Chopping, Grating, Slicing and Juicing with this single slicer-dicer. Its combination of multiple chopper with which you can do all slicing and chopping work. Below is list of thing you can do with Ritu 12 in 1 chopper;

Ritu 12-in-1 Multipurpose Chipser Slicer

  • Thick grater
  • Thick slicer
  • Thin slicer
  • Thin Grater
  • Ripple Slicer
  • Fruit Juicing
  • Dry Fruit Slicer
  • Regular grater
  • Medium Cutting 14 MM
  • Small cutting of 07 MM
  • Big Cutting 20 MM
  • Lazor Peeler
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How to use Ritu 12-in-1 Multipurpose?

Choose the blade which will best cut your desire vegetable. Put the small part of ingredients at the dicer. And using its Stainless steel “Pipe handle”, just give gentle press to it, and you will get cut of vegetables in big 1500ML container. It has heavy duty ABS body, so don’t feel that it will broke down when press on it.

One of the benefit of using Ritu’s 12 in 1 vegetable chopper is that it guarantees that you won’t hurt your hand. Unlike, all other vegetable chopper or Nicer Dicer plus which have no upper handle to chop vegetables. Many female friends got hurt themselves while cutting veggies. Also, you can use it has onion chopper too, so no more tears in your eyes.

Kitchen Dicer Plus (9 Pieces)

Kitchen Dicer Plus from Zebra is another good Nicer Dicer Plus. it has 9 pieces including the cutting board. Not so different from Ritu’s 12 in one slicer dicer. The only difference is this dicer plus is bit cheaper than above one. You can do all the work of cutting, chopping, grating, slicing, peeling and many more. Below is list of blades and pieces you got with Kitchen Dicer Plus.

Kitchen Dicer Plus

  • Crisper
  • Cutting Board
  • Fan blade
  • Big slicer
  • Small slicer
  • Cut into strips blade
  • Peel blade
  • Pressing device
  • Shred
  • Plastic Cover
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So, total 6 blades, one slicer, peel blade and one juicing blade, that’s all you got with this pack. The container used in this product is food safe and you can use it to store food in fridge too. You can simultaneously use all the blades one by one. Its quit easy to use it. You can also dice fruits with this dicer plus.

How to use Kitchen Dicer Plus?

This genius dicer plus works perfectly. Just put the ingredients at the cutting board, and press the cover of the dicer plus. You will get perfect cut veggies in container. Its totally similar with Ritu’s 12 in 1 Multipurpose chopper.

Different between Ritu’s Multipurpose Chopper and Kitchen Dicer Plus?

If you can see the picture of both products, you cannot find any big difference. Both products done all chopping/ dicing work easily. Both have similar blades. Also, you can see, both have similar design and color too. But there is little difference which has listed below;

  • Handle: – Ritu’s 12 in 1 Nicer Dicer plus has long handle bar by which you can press to cut vegetables. But in Kitchen Dicer plus, you need to press the cover with your hand.
  • Price: – Compared to Ritu’s 12 in 1 nicer dicer plus, Kitchen Dicer plus is bit cheaper. While, you can do work from both tool.
  • Tools/blades: – Ritu’s Slicer and dicer have 12 different blades while Kitchen Dicer plus have 9 blades.

These are the two Best Nicer Dicer Plus. Hope you got the best review of Nicer Dicer Plus, we have reviewed other kitchen appliance, do check it out.

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