[Review] Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

[Review] Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

If you have good electric kettle, you can always enjoy hot tea or coffee. Just switch on the kettle and you can have the best tea/coffee ever. The real value of electric kettle is known to tea or coffee lover only. Today, we are talking about of the best electric kettle which is cost efficient, super performer, and gives you hot warm tea/coffee in seconds. Philips Electric Kettle HD9306/06 is having super advance features, design and performance. Do check out the detail review of Philips HD9306/06 electric kettle.

Feature of Philips HD9306/06 electric Kettle

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  • Easy opening of the kettle mouth
  • Wide mouth, easy to fill
  • No plastic used with boiling water
  • Auto Shut off
  • Large cord and cord winder too
  • Stain less steel kettle body
  • Steam sensors
  • 5 litre capacity
  • 1800 watts
  • 2 years warranty

Benefits of Using Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

Time saving: – you can save your lot of time for water boiling, tea making, tea warming, coffee making. Just put the ingredients and water, kettle will do all boiling work.

Money saver:-you can save lots of money too which you was spending on gas cylinder. Compared to gas cylinder, boiling tea and coffee is quite cheap with kettle.

Don’t need to look after: – Unlike gas stove, where you need to keep watch of boiling things. In electric kettle, you just need to put ingredients and switch on it. Using its sensor, it will automatically done it work and auto shut off.

Pros of Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

  • Multiple usages: – Electric kettle is not only used for boiling tea or coffee. You can also use it for Maggie, milk boiling, oats and many more things where you need boiling water.
  • Easy to use: – it’s quite handy and easy to use. Just read the user manual and you can start using it instantly.
  • Auto shut off feature: – It helps a lot. You don’t need to look after kettle any more. Just switch on and do other task, it will auto shut off after boiling work done.
  • Healthy: – Since its made up of stain less steel body, you can expect good quality of tea/coffee. Also, no plastic used in important parts of kettle.
  • Design: – it is well designed. Looks attractive and you will love to use it again and again.
  • Safe: – its totally safe to use. It has well designed cord winder and 360 degree cordless pirouette base which works perfectly.
  • After sales Service: – Philips gives 2 years of warranty on kettle, which is best and their after sales service is also good.

Cons of Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

  • Cord length: – The cord length should have been little more. Though, it has good enough length but still.

How to use Philips electric Kettle?

To use this kettle, it’s quite easy. We have explained how to boil water with Philips electric kettle, hope this example will help you to do other task as well;

  • Open the Kettle, fill it with normal water.
  • You can check the water indicators at behind the handle of kettle jar
  • Plug-in the cordless wire
  • Switch on the kettle and put it on the cordless pirouette
  • Wait for the indicators to turn red
  • As soon as the water boils, it will turn red.

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Easy right? You can also try tea or coffee or milk anything you would like to have. Hope you have liked our review. We have given honest review with the things we liked and we liked not Hope it will help you to choose best kettle for you.

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