[Review] Philips Induction Cooker – HD4938/01 [** Best Cooktop]

[Review] Philips Induction Cooker – HD4938/01 [** Best Cooktop]

Induction cooker is new advance way of cooking. Induction cooktops are nothing but Modern gas stove which cooks food without using Gas. There many brands of induction cooker are available in online market. From high price to low price, but Only Philips is the brand which has biggest trust in Indian women. Yes, Indian women trust Philips. And the reason, in all induction cooktops of india, Philips induction cooker is best.  Today, we are reviewing Philips Induction Cooker which is one of the best brand and having best advance features.

Features of Philips Induction Cooker (HD4938/01)

Under the Philips Viva collection, there are 3 induction cooker model is available. With little price and features difference, Philips has taken care of every need of customers. Below we are listing all the features available in this induction cooktop, do check out;

philips cooktop

  • Time Setting from 0 to 3 hours
  • 10 different auto cooking menu
  • 24 hr preset timer function
  • Best quality glass penal
  • Premium design
  • Sensor touch keys
  • 2100 watts of power consumption
  • Child lock feature
  • 1 year warranty

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When you cook food with direct connection to flame, some vitamins and nutrients go lost. But using this digital glass panel of Philips induction cooker, you can cook healthy food for your family. You can make food quickly and easily using this sleek and sturdy glass panel of this cooker. Here we have explained some of the top features of Philips induction cooktop.

10 Auto Cooking Menus

Philips has given 10 different auto cooking menus like gravy, roti/dosa, milk/water boiling, pressure cook, deep fry and stir fry etc Indian recipe. You can have instant cook, without wasting time in temperature setting.

0 to 3 hr time setting

You can set the timer of induction cooker from 0 to 9 minutes and mean time; cooker will automatically cook the food.

Sensor touch keys at glass panel

Philips has given sensor keys with HD4938/01 model. You don’t need to press the button again and again. Just give simple touch, and you’re done. Though, low price edition has button options too.

Glass Panel

This induction cooker has high quality premium design glass panel, which gives rich look and good cooking experience.

Up to 2100 watt of cooking power

You can get up to 2100 watt of power for fast cooking with Philips induction cooker. You don’t need to wait for glass panel to get hot for you.

Note: – after cooking, don’t touch the glass panel, it might hot after cooking for few minutes.

Pros of Philips Induction Cooker

  • Heats up quickly: – As mentioned above, it has 2100watts of power, and it works as mentioned. You don’t really need to wait long to heat up. You can set the timer and start using it.
  • Easy cooking: – they have given 10 Indian recipe cooking which we use most often. Just press the button and put it up, it will automatically cook food for you.
  • Rich Design: – one of the major plus point is design. Philips has designed this product very nicely. It does look quite rich.
  • Price: – such advance feature cooktop gets you in such small price. It’s a must buy product, and Philips does provide 1 year of warranty. Do buy it.
  • Water/Milk boiling :- one of the most frequent task of any kitchen is to boil water/milk. With this induction cooktop, you can do milk boiling with just one click, too easy.

Cons of Philips Induction cooker

  • Auto shut off: – With respect to all advance features, we felt that Philips should have provided auto shut off features too. Like when your milk or anything spill over the glass panel while boiling, it should be auto shut off.

Final Call: – Go for it. Though, one negative point, we don’t find any other reason not to have it. Especially, after looking at such design, we doubt if anyone would not buy it. Its lovely designed cooktop, must have in your kitchen.

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